You is renewed for Season 4 by Netflix

  • The third season of You
  • still it didn’t even make it to Netflix, but the streaming service has already guaranteed that there will be new episodes of the suspense plot. The series is one of the biggest hits on the platform today and follows the young Joe, whose behavior towards love interests is manic and obsessive, trying to win the woman he believes is his dreams.

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      The news was revealed by the own Netflix on Twitter and there was no information or confirmations about the fourth season being the last of the series, nor when it will debut.

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      In the second season, the cast had the entry of Victoria Pedretti (of The Curse of the Hill Residence

    • ) and gained even more popularity for its plot twists elaborate and even more mysteries. According to a statement released by Netflix, the third season will feature Joe and Love married, with a baby and living in pleasant northern California, where they find themselves surrounded by tech entrepreneurs, blogger mothers and famous biohackers on social networks.

      Joe is determined to fulfill his new role as husband and father, but fears Love’s lethal impulsiveness. Besides, the heart doesn’t help. What if a woman he’s been looking for his whole life to live next door? Escaping from a cellar cage is one thing, but escaping the prison of a perfect marriage to a woman who knows all your tricks is much more complicated.

  • (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

    It is worth noting that since 2020 there is information that You must have the new episodes set in a post-pandemic period of covid-15. Although season two ended in a scandalous fashion, screenwriter Greg Berlanti told The Hollywood Reporter that not addressing the coronavirus in the original Netflix drama “wasn’t an option.”

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    The show will show the characters dealing with the remnants of the disease outbreak. “You’re in a pact with your audience where you have to deal with real life shit,” he explains. “And yes, there is always an escapist element to entertainment, but at the same time the key to these types of shows is finding our own narrative way of dealing with what the world is dealing with and for the audience to find some sense of connection in it. “

    The two seasons of You are available on Netflix, while the third season arrives on Friday 19 October.

    Source: Netflix Brasil

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