Hearthstone gets new free RPG mode

Hearthstone, the card and strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment, has won a new free game mode called Mercenaries. It is a tactical RPG, in which players assemble teams, evolve skills and accept randomly generated contracts.

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    Players will need to create groups of six characters and complete Solo Contracts, which are series of confrontations that culminate in combats against Contract Chiefs. By winning battles, all characters on the team gain experience, getting stronger and gaining new abilities as they level up. It will also be possible to compete with other players in the Fight Ring.

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    New Hearthstone RPG mode brings new mechanics to the game (Photo: Disclosure/Blizzard Entertainment)

    After the user completes the first tutorials, he will receive eight characters — in total there are more than 50 heroes and villains available, each with unique abilities. All characters can be obtained by playing the campaign or through in-game rewards. You can also buy them in Mercenary packs, which cost 58 gold. Each pack contains five items, which can include Cards, Portraits or Coins.

    Rokara’s card (Photo: Publicity/Blizzard Entertainment)

    “Mercenaries is a completely new experience, but one that carries the essence of Hearthstone,” Blizzard co-leader Mike Ybarra said in a press release. “The team has started a new chapter for Hearthstone that captures its unique spirit, with a different mode full of strategic depth. I can’t wait to see what strategies players will bring to the world,” he concluded.

    Hearthstone is available for free for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

    Editor’s Note: At this time, Activision Blizzard is being investigated for reports of sexual harassment, bullying and misconduct. For more information click here.

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