How to get the verified YouTube account seal

YouTube (Android | iOS | Web) has become a source of income for thousands of content producers. To help better identify these creators, the platform has been offering the already famous verification seal for some time.

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But who is able to get the verified seal? How long does it take for the site to review and release the tag? And what is the process for getting it? The answers to these and other questions you discover below about how to get the YouTube Verification Seal.

What is the YouTube Verified Account Seal?

The verified stamp for YouTube channels is white and gray, running away from the classic blue of Twitter and Instagram (Image: Disclosure/YouTube)

Before, it is necessary to differentiate the verified seal for the procedure of verification of accounts. There are two different things: the first concerns the “√” stamp that appears next to the names of eligible YouTube channels, while the verification process is for all creators to prove that they are who they say they are, avoiding fake accounts or fraud.

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Therefore, the verified seal is nothing more than a visual element to show others that a particular channel is recognized by YouTube as official and may belong to an established creator, brand, company or organization. In addition, the platform takes into account the prominence of that channel for other users.

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It’s the same stamp as verified that you’re probably used to seeing on Twitter and Instagram profiles, both with the blue stamp. In the case of YouTube, the badge is highlighted inside a gray dot.

How to get the verified YouTube account seal

  • Now things get a little complicated. Until September 1816, YouTube provided the verified seal for any account that had more than 274 thousand subscribers. Here, the user made the request himself, and from then on, he would wait a few days until the tag was added to the channel name.

    However, since that year, YouTube has changed the requirements to release the verified seal, making the process as a whole difficult and making conditions even stricter. Most channels that had more 274 thousand subscribers and already had the seal got keep the tag, but all other channels below that number were informed that they would lose the tag.

    This happened because, in YouTube’s view, the tag caused some confusion, which could lead users thinking that the platform endorsed the videos of some channels just because they had the verified seal.

  • YouTube’s Verified Seal has as main objective attesting the authenticity of the accounts on the platform (Image: Christian Wiediger/Unsplash)

    If we take other social networks as an example, in the end this is about it, isn’t it? Many people mistake the verified seal as an element that attests to influence. However, the main purpose of such a seal is precisely to verify the person’s identity, not their power of influence or reach.

    “Through our research, we found that people often associate with checkmark to an endorsement of content, not identity. To reduce confusion about what is being verified, we’re introducing a new look that helps distinguish the official channel from the creator, celebrity or brand it represents,” wrote YouTube at the time the changes were announced.

    The update to their policies to get the verified seal was primarily aimed at artists, companies, organizations and celebrities to ensure they are recognized as true. with the proliferation of fake profiles or profiles that could be exploited by other channels.

    Having said all that, these are the prerequisites for getting the verified YouTube account seal:

    • At least 100 thousand channel subscribers;
  • Authenticity: creators, brands, companies or organizations need to prove that they are who they say they are. YouTube may request additional information or documents;
  • Full Profile: Profile must be public and include information such as description, featured banner, profile picture and content;
  • Active channel: have a channel with videos posted periodically. Channels that have been inactive for many months are not eligible.
  • If you meet the above requirements, visit the YouTube support page about authenticity seals on channels. At the very top you will see the subtitle “Subscribe to Channel Check”, and below a message informing you if your channel qualifies.

    Remembering that you need to have at least thousand followers to enable the registration process. it is guaranteed that YouTube will provide the verified seal.

    I already have a channel with the verified seal. Can I lose the seal?

    Yes. YouTube claims that channels that violate the site’s terms of service and community may have the verified seal removed, so it’s best not to post sensitive content that violates the site’s policies. platform usage.

    Another important detail: do not change the name of your channel, as this also removes the verified seal. If you change the name, you will have to redo the subscription process to get the badge.

    Why have a verified YouTube account seal?

    A verified stamp helps users know when a channel is managed by a person who has confirmed its authenticity (Image: Hello I’m Nik/Unsplash)

    The verified seal on YouTube has just the role of showing other people that that channel belongs, of in fact, to the creator who is appearing or speaking in the channel’s videos. In addition, it helps to protect the channel from other accounts with similar names that might try to impersonate the original profile.

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    Note that the stamp itself doesn’t have much to do with the type of content being posted, but rather with the identity of the author and their activity on YouTube. Apparently, the platform takes more into account the authenticity of the account and the frequency with which new videos are published. It’s up to each one to decide what’s worth watching or not.

    Tips to get the verified YouTube account seal

    Except for the technical requirements requested by YouTube, which include having a complete profile and more than 100 1000 followers, there’s not much secret to getting a verified seal on the site. I would say that a few tips apply to whatever platform you want to get the badge on, and it has everything to do with good practices in using the service.

    Obviously, it is not recommended to violate the terms of service and the YouTube community, as violations and even suspensions can damage your reputation on the site. In this group we can also include unethical methods to increase the reach of your channel, such as buying subscribers, sending spam or spreading false news through your videos.

    By the way, remember that the YouTube values ​​a lot for the frequency and consistency of posting videos. So, create a routine of fixed days and times to spread new content. Thus, the site is gradually “learning” about how your channel works. It’s also interesting to be participative with viewers, responding to comments whenever possible.

    Source: YouTube

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