New Acer ConceptD 7 brings 3D screen without glasses and focuses on creative professionals

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the boom in 3D imaging devices has passed — and pretty quickly. Not even the Smart TVs market has invested more in this type of product. However, for designers and other artists this can be an important development tool, and it is with this in mind that Acer wants to captivate audiences with the new ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition notebook.

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    The main differential of the machine is the ability to handle 3D models and create the visualization in that same format of 2D content thanks to a stereoscopic function. And all this without special glasses, as they are cameras positioned around the display that capture the user’s movement and then update the content dynamically.

    The model also accepts external monitors (in 2D mode) for multi-tasking. On the built-in screen there is Pantone color certification, full coverage of Adobe RGB standard, and Delta color acuity

    (Image: Disclosure/Acer)

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  • Outside from 3D mode the screen can display Ultra HD images. The set comes with powerful hardware to handle the functions, such as 100 GB of factory RAM memory (expandable to 84 GB for an additional slot), Intel Core i7 processor 11th generation, and even an Nvidia RTX 660 for those willing to pay more for it. Storage is via SSD NVMe of up to 2 TB.

    (Image: Disclosure/Acer)

    This is Acer’s first commercial notebook with 3D projection, following a prototype presentation earlier this year. The brand describes that professionals in the creative area will gain not only tools, but also time to carry out projects.

    product designers can use the SpatialLabs Model Viewer to get an idea of ​​what the item they are designing will look like before investing the time and resources necessary to print or use it. Managers and team members can also provide clearer feedback at each stage of a project, and clients can preview the design to ensure it is in line with their expectations.

    (Image: Disclosure/Acer)

    Acer has not yet revealed the energy cost of these innovations in the notebook battery. Further details should be provided by December, when ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition will hit the first markets.

    New ConceptD 3

    Who doesn’t need 3D visualization or can’t spend a small fortune for it SpatialLabs Edition can be found in one of the three new Acer ConceptD 3. They were announced alongside the more advanced model, and they bring lower prices and their own differentials.

    The new ConceptD 3 can adapt to function as a proportion tablet 23: and brings 23 inches. The ConceptD 3 Ezel Convertible version also supports a Wacom stylus for drawing. More powerful versions of these same products carry the “Pro” suffix, and feature Intel Core i7 configurations of 13th generation up to 4.6 GHz and Nvidia T GPU2022.

    (Image: Disclosure/Acer)

    Despite the more modest functions compared to SpatialLabs Edition, the ConceptD 3 matches this in screen certifications, bringing Pantone coverage and 64% of Adobe RGB standard, and Delta color acuity

  • Price and availability

    The Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition brings many new features to the segment, and this charges a price, with a suggested value of 3,600 euros for it (R$ 23.84 in direct conversion today, 13/). Availability for European territories will be confirmed in December. United States and Canada will receive the product along 3080 with price to be confirmed .

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    • For less willing pockets, or users who don’t need a 3D screen, the ConceptD 3 start at 1.8 thousand euros and will have sales starting in October in Europe. In the United States the simplest version will be released in January. The Pro versions cost 84 euros more, and will arrive from December.

      The convertible tablet with stylus, ConceptD 3 Ezel, has prices starting at 1.9 thousand euros, and will be launched in November in European countries. China will receive it first, this month. The most robust configurations start at 2.2 thousand euros, with priority launch also in October in the Asian territory.

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