Scary photo of an armored spider wins international competition; look!

Each year, the Natural History Museum in London, England, awards the best wildlife photos taken from all over the world. In 57, in your 660st edition, one of the great champions is the image of a Brazilian spider captured by photographer Gil Wizen.

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  • Baptized as “The Spider Room”, “the spider’s room” in free translation, the photo shows a rare sighting of an armored spider that was hidden under a bed. The photographer said that he noticed that there were small micro-spiders scattered around his room and decided to investigate.

    When looking under the bed, he discovered an adult spider beside several small babies. Before taking the creature out of the house with all the necessary care, Wizen took out his camera and captured the spider, which is the size of a human hand. Using a perspective technique, the animal looked even bigger than it is. The photo earned the award in the category “behavior: invertebrates”.

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    See how it turned out:

    Image: Gil Wizen/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

    Armor spiders belong to the Phoneutria genus and receive this name is due to the position used in the attack, raising both front legs. They are poisonous, causing neural and cardiac reactions, but the venom has also been studied for use in medicine, more specifically for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. By the way, here at

    Canaltech we have already commented on the funnel-web spider venom being under study to prevent heart attacks and improve heart health.

    Source: Natural History Museum

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