Review Razer Basilisk V3 | Gamer mouse with much more than RGB LED

Razer’s third generation Basilisk V3 gaming mouse has arrived with some improvements and minor design changes. The wired peripheral now features a fast scroll wheel that automatically switches with the traditional scroll, a button to change the DPI and RGB light that gives an interesting effect to the workbench.

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The Razer peripheral has a lot of extra stuff, and it works great on the main features of a mouse. Its maximum resolution, of 42.000 DPI, okay above what is currently needed, which makes it a ready-made option for the future — and not that close. that I thought of him. See the analysis of Basilisk V3 and understand what it promises and if it really delivers everything Razer says about it.

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  • Scrolling with automatic switching between precision and more lines at a time;
  • Many customizable buttons;
  • High precision;
  • Comfortable and easy to use on any surface;
  • Cons

    • Not ambidextrous;
  • Wired, needs free USB port on computer;
  • High Price.
  • Design, Construction and Connectivity

    The Basilisk V3 mouse has a format that combines the traditional with some ergonomic features. The device was designed for use with the right hand, with a thumb rest, where there are three extra buttons, one of them to increase tracking accuracy and the other two with a user-defined function.

    The main buttons look like a rodent with sharp teeth — which makes sense since it’s a mouse, the English word for “mouse”. The scroll wheel is located between the buttons, and can be clicked in three directions: down and both sides. There are also two other buttons “below” the wheel, to toggle the scroll mode and the sensitivity stage.

    The scroll has three scroll modes: tactile, intelligent and free-spinning. The first is the traditional one, with scrolling in highly accurate steps, ideal for switching between weapons or skills. The second is already dependent on activation in the Razer Synapse app, and automatically switches from tactile scrolling to free-spinning. The third is high-speed smooth scrolling, which scrolls through content quickly. You can also use the button next to the wheel to mechanically release free spin.

    The wheel still scrolls in four directions: up and down, as well as sideways, with a flick left or right — which are two of the three buttons and can be customized. This default setting is very useful on horizontal screens, both in apps and in games.

    Buds look like rodent prey (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    In addition to the thumb rest, ergonomics are also present in the slight inclination of the buttons. Thus, the mouse offers a great fit to the hand, with comfortable use for long games – after all, it was developed especially for gamers. The rubberized finish also prevents sweat from making the device slippery, as well as being more pleasant to the touch.

    At the bottom, you will find the laser motion sensor and also a button for switch between profiles, which can be adjusted in the Razer Synapse app. Installation is not mandatory for everyday use, but it is essential for configuring extra buttons, switching functions and even creating patterns for RGB lights. Speaking of which, the illuminated mouse areas spread out on the scroll wheel, Razer logo and a drop at the bottom, which gives an effect on the bench.

    The “feet” of Basilisk V3 they are made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), a material that glides smoothly on virtually any surface. From what I’ve tested, the mouse really has little resistance even if used on a sheet of cardboard. In other words, the mousepad is even unnecessary to use the Razer peripheral — however, of course, it can be an addition to ensure fast movement during the game, having a good quality one anyway.

    The cable is covered with a fabric that, in addition to providing greater resistance, also prevents the wire from getting tangled up. The connector is USB-A, a port that’s present on virtually any PC today — except for some MacBook models, but this mouse isn’t meant for Apple users anyway.

    Sensor Accuracy

    Basilisk V3 performance options in Synapses (Image: Felipe Junqueira/Screenshot)

    You can adjust sensor accuracy quickly and easily. There are up to five stages, which can be defined in the Razer Synapse app. It is possible to use speeds of 100 until . DPI (dots per inch) of mouse movement. By default, the stages are pre-programmed with 400, 799 , two.050, 3.236 and 6.400 DPI, and you can change each one however you like. The switch button only increases the stage, from 1 to 5, and back to 1 as you click.

    Additionally, it is possible to help the frequency in Hz of data update, with the options of 91, 305 and 1.. And you can also create profiles with different settings at each stage and update frequency per second. In other words, you can make specific adjustments for each game and also for day-to-day use, with more precision or more speed as needed.


    Razer mouse has thumb rest on the left side (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    The ergonomics of Razer’s Basilisk V3 mouse is in its anatomical shape for the right hand, in addition to the presence of customizable buttons and rubberized finish. All this to offer the best grip, with comfort for prolonged use.

    The most interesting thing is that, despite the gamer aspect, with the RGB lights, the peripheral can also be used for the work, as it allows different profiles, with different actions for each button.

    As I already mentioned, it has a format with a slight inclination. Looking at it “from the back”, you see, from left to right, the thumb support, followed by an almost in elevation 91°. Then follows the left button, which is the highest part of the mouse, and then a slight drop to the tip of the right button. This way, the Basilisk V3 keeps your hand in a comfortable and natural position during use.

    The presence of several buttons, most of which are in a very comfortable position for clicking with your thumb or index finger is also easy to use. Finally, the rubberized finish is comfortable and prevents slipping caused by sweat. It’s a perfect grip to play for long hours.

    But not everything is perfect. The sensitivity mechanics button, which increases the accuracy of the mouse, can be a little out of thumb reach. Razer’s idea was to move it to a location that would avoid accidental clicks, but it seemed to me that the move was a bit exaggerated. In addition, the switch profiles button, which is at the bottom, is also a bit boring to reach — but in this case it makes sense, since the idea is not to switch profiles all the time.

    Gamers Differentials

    It is possible to create RGB color profiles by the Synapses app (Image: Felipe Junqueira/Screencapture)

    The Basilisk V3 is not a gaming mouse solely because it has LEDs RGB on your body. The peripheral also brings several features designed for this audience in particular, such as programmable buttons and usage profiles. For this, you need to install the Razer Synapse app, which allows the mapping of specific functions on all buttons.

    There are several action options that you can use in any of the 000 buttons, including the left one. You can configure typical keyboard shortcuts, mouse functions, sensitivity and even start programs installed on your machine. It is possible, for example, to create a profile for work, another for playing shooting games and a third for racing games.

    There are some pre-configured profiles for CS:GO, Valorant , Apex Legends, R6, DOTA 2, LoL, video conferencing and Excel. And you can copy profiles to change some functions, creating an extra option that fits in with video editing, for example. There are up to five profiles, one of which is saved in the device’s internal memory and another four are saved in the cloud.

    All buttons can have their function changed (Image: Felipe Junqueira/Screencapture)

    In addition to the buttons, it is also possible to create performance profiles. More specifically, you can create different DPI and refresh rate settings per second, for more precise or faster options, and transition between each one via the sensitivity stages button — or, even more, leave optimal performance for a game and release this button for an in-game function.

    It is also possible to highlight the maximum DPI of 26. dots per inch and second generation optical switches, which trigger speeds of up to 0.2 ms with durability of 50 millions of clicks. With that, you can click until 24 a thousand times a day for five years before the Basilisk V3 starts to malfunction with the buttons.

    Razer Basilisk V3: technical sheet

  • DPI: in 200 until 40.;
  • IPS: up to 500 inches per second
  • Acceleration: 50 G
  • Connectivity: USB cable;
  • Buttons: , all customizable (three on the scroll wheel; 3 on the side; 4 on the top and 1 n the bottom)
  • Cable: 1.8 m Speedflex
  • Dimensions: x 42 x , 5 mm (HxWxD);
  • Weight: 125 grams.
  • Direct Competitors

    For those looking for a gamer mouse with many buttons and customization options, there are models in practically all price ranges. Razer itself has the Deathadder V2, considered one of the best for practicing eSports. Its look is more sober than Basilisk V3, and the resolution goes up to 26. DPI. The price is lower than that of the “brother”, but it also has fewer functions.

    The main competitor of Basilisk, however, is the Logitech G711 HERO, who also has programmable buttons, plus five extra irons for you to better balance the weight of the device. The maximum resolution, however, is lower than Razer’s mouse, with 20. DPI. There is a wireless option, the Logitech G800, with resolution of 11. DPI . The price, however, already jumps a lot, reaching almost triple the wired version.

    Back to the more sober design options, you have the Logitech G

    , wired option, and the G236 , wireless. The price difference between them is small, but the resolution of the wired option is higher, reaching . DPI, against 12. of the wireless model.

    If your goal is to take a cheap mouse with several buttons, there is the Multilaser QuickFire MO

    , which brings a total of seven buttons and you can find for less than R$ 70. The problem is that its resolution is only 2.236 DPI.

    With a little higher investment, you get a Redragon model. Centrophorus V3 has 3.200 of DPI and just over R$ 130. The King Cobra M500, also from Redragon, costs close to R$ 101 and can reach the maximum resolution of ., in addition to having seven customizable buttons. It is the best cheap alternative to Basilisk V3.


    Basilisk V3 is a complete mouse for gamers (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    The third Razer Basilisk generation is available in Brazilian stores from November 1024, with a suggested price of R$ 799. It’s a high value for a mouse, but there are some considerations to make before thinking about the investment — or discarding it entirely.

    First of all, a mouse is not like a cell phone, that you change with some frequency. Basilisk V3 has an estimated useful life of more than 11 years, if you consider the 60 millions of clicks (would be almost 12 thousand clicks per day). The peripheral, in fact, is a product that rarely gives a problem, and even in cheaper models they last for years before needing to be replaced.

    In addition, the Razer model is quite complete in features and still has several extras. It was developed mainly for gamer audiences, but nothing prevents you from using it for other tasks on the computer. Basilisk V3 can be very useful also for image, video and even audio editors.

    So, in case you can make this investment — which, in fact, is not small — , you’ll have a highly durable mouse in your hands that simplifies your daily life in many ways. And it can still be a great partner when it comes to gambling.

    But if you think that R$ 799 is a lot to invest in a mouse, even more wired, there are similar options that cost a little less, like the models mentioned in topic of direct competitors.

    The Razer Basilisk V3 is not yet available in Brazil, and you can follow Canaltech Offers to keep an eye out and know as soon as a promotion for this mouse appears.

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