The world's most downloaded apps list in September has an unsurprising leader

TikTok has had an absurd growth in the last two years to the point of becoming one of the main social networks on the planet and surpassing established rivals, such as Facebook and Instagram, in the ranking of most apps downloaded. Now, the social network repeats the performance of the last quarter and remains at the top of the list compiled by Sensor Tower in September 2021 .

  • TikTok celebrates impressive historic brand of active users on the platform
  • TikTok surpasses YouTube in average viewing time in the US
  • TikTok surpasses Facebook and becomes the most downloaded app in the world

The positive results of the Chinese platform started in March 2021 and persisted until last month, with April and November 2021 and January 2021 being the only times the network was not on the edge — a total of 18 months of full domain. The numbers below take into account applications that are not games with more downloads from official stores.

TikTok beats competitors in total downloads for months (Image: Playback/Sensor Tower)

The countries with the highest number of installations were China, with %, followed by the United States with %. The only scenario where TikTok loses the lead is exclusive downloads for Google Play, in which the Facebook-Instagram duo still reigns.

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Remember that Apple apps and Google pre-installed ones are excluded from the search, which only considers exclusive installations. Android estimates do not include third-party stores such as the Amazon AppStore or custom system stores such as MIUI and Samsung Store.

Persistent Success

This unexpected success of the social network created a paradigm in the digital world: short videos. Since then, competitors have tried to focus on similar solutions to snap up part of the TikTok audience, like Reels on Instagram, Shorts on YouTube or Spotlight on Snapchat.

With the glory achieved, TikTok has increased the maximum video size to three minutes and now offers a live stream feature, which has placed the platform among the favorites for lives on lighter or relaxed subjects. Furthermore, it was from the network in which great personalities such as Khaby Lame (@khaby.lame) and their priceless facial expressions emerged and the spontaneous commentator of strange foods Edelson Ribeiro (@survivor13).

Downloads remain high and surpass all other applications, with greater attraction of people, companies and advertisers. By all indications, the platform’s growth is something constant, solid and with no end forecast.

Source: Sensor Tower

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