Bolide may have been the cause of a strong bang perceived in the US

Last Sunday morning (10), a big bang and a tremor were noted in the US state of New Hampshire and at least one neighboring state. Some people said it was the noise of an aircraft crossing the sound barrier, but satellite images indicate that it was possibly a fireball.

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Not by chance, in this same time of year, the skies of the USA can contemplate two meteor showers: the Draconids, which reached its maximum activity two days before the crash in New Hampshire; and Orionidas, which takes place until the beginning of November.

It is worth noting that bolides are meteors that, as they are relatively larger, have greater resistance during entry into the atmosphere, and therefore are accompanied by an intense shine and a final explosion.

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Glow was detected by the geostationary weather satellite GOES-16 of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Greg Cornwell, a meteorologist at the New Hampshire office, and his colleagues reviewed the broadcast obtained that Sunday morning. “The satellite has an advanced lightning detection system, but there were no storms in the area on Sunday morning,” said Cornwell. , Paul D. Raymond Jr., said Weather Service partners were looking at a meteor as the source of the boom and were analyzing the situation. According to the National Earthquake Information Center, there was also no seismic activity in the region to explain the quake. Federal Aviation Administration ensured that the sound did not come from a military aircraft.

For Mike Wankum, meteorologist for the US channel WCVB, the bolide must have exploded at least

  • km above the surface to produce the reported crash, Wankum also estimated that the phenomenon may have lasted between a minute and a half to four minutes before the final explosion.

    Source: The New York Times

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