Pokémon UNITE: Blastoise gets new firefighter skin

Pokémon UNITE players, especially those who like to play with Blastoise, prepare your wallet for the new skin of Water-type Pokémon is here. The new firefighter look costs 1.109 Aeos gems, the equivalent of R$ 44,90 – even cheaper than the skin of Ninetales – and only changes the character’s aesthetic.

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The value is the same as Charizard’s pirate outfit, Venusaur’s suit and Mr. Mime’s magician suit. And, like the others, the previous evolutions don’t have any changes in the look. That is, they missed the chance to put sunglasses on Squirtle and reference the classic look of the turtle in the anime.

(Image: Screen Capture/Guilherme Sommadossi/Canaltech )

In the game, Blastoise is of the Ranged class and Defend. Its difficulty is intermediate and it can be purchased for 8 thousand Aeos coins or 516610 Aeos gems (about R$ 90,90) .

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Pokémon UNITE is available for free for Android and iOS phones and tablets and Nintendo Switch.

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