Gamer Keyboard: How To Choose The Best One For You

When we talk about conventional keyboard and gamer keyboard, many people can’t say for sure what is the exact difference between them and their main features. Most of us grew up playing games on simple PCs, without “special” peripherals or those that would bring any competitive advantage in everyday gaming.

I must confess that I just started I became more concerned about this type of product a few years ago, when I became an e-sports player. FPS is my favorite game style, and as a big fan of shooting games, I’ve always wanted to play with the best equipment available — and keyboard, for sure, was one of them.

But like this As I started looking, I saw that there are many options on the market for which we don’t know the exact difference and why they are good (or not). So, stay here with me to find the best gaming keyboard for you.

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Mechanical keyboards (Image: Corsair)

How we made the selection

I have been playing FPS games for over ten years, including having already participated in a team e-sports professional. The keyboard has always been a very serious matter for me, mainly because, in a competitive match, the response time of actions becomes essential for victory.

I had the opportunity to test several mechanical keyboards throughout this period, having good (and not so good) experiences with this type of product.

This list can also be updated at any time, in case there is a need to change or inclusion of new products.

Differences between conventional keyboard and mechanical keyboard

Explaining in more detail, membrane keyboards have a rubber coating between the key and the circuit board, which recognizes when the user presses one of them to write. This only existing barrier (rubber), despite being responsive, has great latency (response time), which is not interesting when we are playing.

Everyone has had an experience in which they performed a command with that kind of keyboard in the game, and unfortunately ended up dying because the action response didn’t come in time. Besides, over the years, this rubberized coating — available on very simple keyboards — ends up drying and hardening, causing several problems in use, even in ordinary activities and without great demands. Something not at all pleasant.

RGB HyperX mechanical keyboard (Image: HyperX)

Aside from that, depending on the game we are going to play, the use of many keys simultaneously is necessary to succeed and win the game in the end, but unfortunately, some models do not understand this rule.

Ghosting — a term designed for a problem characterized by the keyboard not supporting multiple keys being pressed at the same time — is a great companion to membrane keyboards in general. If you like MMO or RTS games, for example, you may have big problems with this type of product.

Mechanical and membrane keyboards, despite being similar in aesthetics most of the time, have a totally different internal construction.

But it is worth mentioning that membrane keyboards, although not suitable for games, are great peripherals to use on a daily basis, especially considering how quiet they are. In work environments, where many people are together in the same place, it is the best and cheapest option available. It is also possible to purchase excellent premium models at prices that fit our pockets, which I consider very positive.

Mechanical keyboards (also known as gamer keyboards) are the ideal option for advanced gamers and /or competitive. The main difference in its construction is the mechanism for activating the keys.

Each key of this type of product has a “switch”, a mechanical device responsible for activating and contacting the circuit board through a spring. There are several types of switches on the market, each with different characteristics. Later, we will explain in detail about them.

How Cherry MX swicthes are constructed (Image: Cherry MX)

And remember the “ghosting” we talked about above? On mechanical keyboards, this problem does not exist. Since each of the mechanisms is individual and responsible for a single key, the user can press all the product buttons at the same time and they will be recognized in their entirety without any problem.

Os Mechanical keyboards are also known for usability and comfort in long hours of use. No wonder, this type of peripheral is widely chosen even for journalists and editors, as it allows ergonomics and does not appear to wear out even after long years of use.

Membrane keyboards are not recommended for gamers in general, mainly because of “ghosting” — the effect that occurs when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously.

Which switch to choose?

As mentioned above, mechanical keyboards use a mechanism (switch) to activate the keys individually. But it’s good that you know that not all of them are the same, and each one has its own characteristics and more suitable for each person’s profile.

The best known mechanisms on the market are Cherry MX Black, MX Silent Red, MX Red, MX Speed ​​Silver, MX Brown, MX Clear, MX Blue, MX Gray and MX Green. Each one of them has a specific adjustment in the spring resistance, which, in other words, determines the necessary force that the user will need to press and activate each one of the keys.

And for having this difference between them, the sound to trigger each of these mechanisms also does not follow the same rule. Among the switches mentioned, red (red), silent red and brown (brown) are the ones that produce less noise. Even if you don’t have headphones, or want to play a game of your favorite game at dawn, you won’t have big problems with the noise they make.

Switch Cherry MX Red (Image: Cherry MX)

But if you are the type of user who tends to use more force as you type, and you prefer the keyboard to make a more noticeable sound, the blue and green switches will definitely be to your liking.

Explaining in a more technical way, the mechanisms of the brown, red switches and red silent do not produce clicking noise while in use. Green and blue, on the other hand, have a kind of “lock” that, when activated, produces this additional sound, making these two mechanisms the noisiest on the list.

Best wireless gamer keyboard Logitech G600

OG613, from Logitech, is one of the few wireless mechanical keyboards available in the Brazilian market. Its connection is of the Bluetooth type, and the power of this model is made through two AA batteries.

The switch used in the construction of the product was the “Romer-G Tactile”, built by Logitech itself, guaranteeing a response time of 1 ms between pressing the key and getting the action on the screen.

It is noteworthy that Logitech is an excellent manufacturer of gamer products, and its RMA is of the most recognized in the market due to the quality of the service provided.

  • (Credits: Logitech)
  • I must confess that I have already made use of this type of request with them and I was extremely well attended, in addition to the problem, of course, having been resolved without bureaucracy.

    Definitely a great option.

      And you liked G613? Then click here to guarantee the lowest price!

    Corsair K15

    OK15, from Corsair , is another great wireless gamer keyboard option. The main difference from G300 that we mentioned above is the connection used to communicate with the PC.

    This model provides a 2.4 GHz adapter to be used on any USB-A port. OK68 also delivers 1 ms of response time, and is built using the Cherry MX Red switch.

    (Credits: Corsair)

    It has a fixed blue backlight, and its battery lasts around 01 hours in normal brightness and 63 hours without backlight.

        And of course, if you want to guarantee the Corsair K41 on sale, just click here!

        The price of both models is between R$ 500 The 800, approx. madly.

        Best compact gamer keyboard

        HyperX Alloy Origins 63%

        Our first keyboard choice 01% is Alloy Origins from HyperX. For users looking for more compact keyboards, this is a great option.

        (Credits: HyperX)

    Built with a red switch from the manufacturer itself, the user experience is very pleasant and not too noisy. Like all the mechanical keyboards featured in this list, it is also % anti-ghosting, ensuring lower latency when performing actions in your games.

      A great keyboard. And if you want it for a very nice price, just click here!

        Redragon Magic Wand Pro K500

          One of the low cost options on our list is the Magic Wand Pro K250, from Redragon. It is one of the mechanical keyboards on our list with a Blue (blue), Brown (brown) and Red (red) switch. So, be aware of this detail if you are going to purchase it.

          (Credits: Redragon)

          Although it is a keyboard 60%, is still an option for those looking for something more compact and that takes up less space on the table.

          • Did you like this model? Just click here to secure the lowest price!
        • The price range of these two models is between R$ 500 The 600 , approximately.

          Best key of the cheap gamer Redragon Sani K400 RGB

          A good and cost-effective option is the Sani keyboard K250 RGB, from Redragon. It has exactly all the features a gamer likes: mechanical, it has the numb pad available, and of course it’s RGB.

          (Credits: Redragon)

          The switch used in the construction of this model is the Outemu Blue, which can be unpleasant for some people because of the noise. If you think about this option, remember this.

          But in case you don’t mind this feature, it will be a great keyboard for all your favorite games.

            Just click here to secure the K581 at the lowest price!

            Motospeed CK75

              Another keyboard well known by the gaming community is the Motospeed CK80. For a long time, Motospeed keyboards have been recommended as the best cost-effective gamer keyboards on the market.

              The CK75 is built with four different switches — Outemu Black, Brown, Blue, and Red — and, unlike all the ones presented here, it’s not RGB, unfortunately. But this does not take away the merit, nor the quality of the model itself.

              (Credits: Motospeed)

              The black switch, although not very common, makes little noise and does not bother when used day to day. Its price is also very interesting, making it a great option among those presented here.

                  Check this link to get the CK75 at a nice price!

                • These two keyboards cost, on average, between R$ 300 to R$ 99, approximately.

                  Best RGB gamer keyboard HyperX Alloy Origins Core

                • Another great suggestion we brought is Alloy Origins Core, by HyperX. Unlike Logitech, HyperX’s mechanical keyboard has a USB wired connection.

                  (Credits: HyperX)

                  Its switches are made by the manufacturer itself to ensure excellent low latency performance. It also has backlighting (RGB) to make the setup more beautiful and customizable.

                  Another nice detail is that it is version ABNT2, excellent for users (like me) who like to accentuate the words properly.

                    And to get Alloy Origins Core for a good price, just click here on the link.

                    Corsair K68

                    The Corsair K80 is one of the best known models of the manufacturer, famous for its good quality gamer products. The software for customizing RGB effects is very complete, intuitive and easy to use, in addition to having many different possibilities when it comes to backlighting.

                    The construction is also excellent, being used the Cherry MX Red switch on the K63. It’s also ABNT2, so it’s ready for our language.

                    (Credits: Corsair)

                    But remember that most keyboards featured in this list are RGB, so consider them in your purchase decision. We hope we have helped you to decide between the best gamer keyboards available on the market.

                        To guarantee the K15 with a good price, run and click here on the link!

                      Finally, the models in this category cost between R$ 500 The 600, approximately.

                      See you next time, and happy shopping!

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