Round 6 | Dormitory hid tips on which games would be and no one saw

One of the biggest afflictions of the characters of Round 6 (and the people who were watching) was to know what would be next deadly game they would have to face. This information was so important that it became “bargain” for some time in the plot, although the dorm itself hid clues as to what games were to come throughout the episodes. The catch was made by ScreenRant in a video posted on YouTube.

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  • The images show the walls of the place where the players gathered to feed and sleep they had some drawings, which ended up going unnoticed. In these pictures, you can see spoilers from games, such as the marbles game, the tug of war, the glass floor and even the Potato Chip 1, 2, 3. Check out the complete wall view:

    Image: Disclosure/Netflix

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All games in Round 6 are based on children’s play, but with a deadly fate for those who lose. Maybe if players had noticed the images, they could prepare for the next games and have more chances to survive and win the millionaire prize, right?

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Since its launch in September, the South Korean plot reached more than 90 millions of homes in the worldwide, surpassing Bridgerton and becoming the most watched Netflix original production in the world. There is still no confirmation of a second season of Round 6, but series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk appears to be already in negotiations for a possible sequel.

Source: ScreenRant

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