5 Bizarre Cell Phone Accessories You Didn't Know

There are many types of cell phone accessories, right? Nowadays, we have portable chargers, protective water hoods and even selfie sticks, popularly known as “selfie sticks”. All these accessories end up arising from some need related to the daily use of your smartphone and often they present themselves as a great solution.

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  • But, we also have some accessories that can be strangely useful. So today I came to show you 5 bizarre cell phone accessories that you probably didn’t know about. Check the next lines!

    1. Screen Magnifier

    Do you like watching movies and series on your cell phone, but feel your screen is too small? This can interfere a lot when reading subtitles, right? But for this problem there is already a (strange) solution. You can use your smartphone on a magnifying screen!

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    The idea could be good, if not for one detail: it uses a magnifying glass to magnify the content of the screen on your mobile. So, you just need to position your smartphone on the stand for it to mirror content. But, this is an accessory that is not very practical to use around.

    2. Mini Fan

    With temperatures rising all over the world, the Mini Cellphone Fan could even become a trend in the near future. To use it, you just need to plug it into your cell phone’s power input. Thus, it will use the energy of your device to make a refreshing breeze.

    3. Cell Phone Wrist

    With the Cell Phone Wrist Holder, it’s easier to carry your smartphone around during walks and workouts at the gym. The accessory adapts to the size of your smartphone’s screen and also allows you to rotate the screen by 94 degrees . But, it doesn’t seem like the safest option, does it?

    4. Wall bracket

    This one is more interesting! Need to leave your cell phone charging in the socket, but don’t have a desk or shelf to put it on? With the smartphone wall bracket, you can always have a surface to let your phone charge.

    5. Capinha Pop It

    Pop It is a real fever! The toy that was very successful TikTok, now also turned into a cell phone case. Pop Its are part of the “Fidget Toy” (caring toy) category of toys, so they are popular for relieving some stress and anxiety. That way, you can have a Pop It on your smartphone’s case.

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