La Casa de Papel | 2nd part of the last season wins dramatic teaser; watch

In September, Netflix released the first part of the fifth and final season of La Casa de Papel

    , showing that the heist Bank of Spain remains a complicated task. In the first five episodes, in addition to things getting out of hand, we saw the farewell of one of the most prominent characters in the plot.

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    • The second part of the final season will only open on the 3rd December, but this Wednesday () the streaming platform shared a brief teaser of the last five episodes. In the video, we see that the thieves are desperate with the situation still out of control.

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      The fifth season is the farewell to the Spanish series that debuted on 2017 and has become one of the most popular Netflix original productions worldwide. The series tells the story of thieves who carry out very well-planned robberies, but who have to deal with some obstacles, whether foreseen or not.

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      La Casa de Papel comes to an end on December 3, when the last episodes make it to the Netflix catalog.

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