Round 6 passes Bridgerton and is Netflix's most-watched series; see numbers

At the end of this Tuesday (17), Netflix has announced that the South Korean series Round 6 has become its most-watched original production worldwide. The plot was already heading towards this record, with the popularity increasing ever since it debuted in the streaming platform’s catalog on the day 17 September.

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  • Who held this position was the series Bridgerton, which premiered at the end of 2020 and was watched on 82 millions of homes in just one month after its release. Now, however, this record is Round 6, which was broadcast on 90 millions of households around the world. The South Korean series also ranked first among the most watched in no less than 94 countries .

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    Netflix celebrated the achievement of Round 6 with a video posted on social networks, check out:

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    Will there be a second season?

    Since Round 6 debuted and began to conquer the ranking of the most watched series on Netflix, in addition to becoming the theme of several memes on social networks, fans are awaiting confirmation of a second season. The initial response from plot creator Hwang Dong-hyuk was unsure, revealing that he would need help from directors and screenwriters for the mission as the first season took more than 17 years to come alive.

    Now, Dong-hyuk already talks about the subject with more certainty, saying that, in a supposed sequel, he will explore the relationship between the game leader and the undercover cop. He also commented on the interest in exploring the story of the character who recruits people into the game, which only appears at the beginning and end of season one.

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