Chrome, Edge and Opera can now edit PDF files

Adobe announced this Wednesday () an update of the Acrobat extension for Google Chrome and all Chromium-based browsers (Microsoft Edge, Opera and Vivaldi, among others) with the addition of basic editing tools of PDF files. As usual, the company has produced two versions: one free for most users and one paid for subscribers to the company’s suite of apps.

  • Microsoft Edge should make it easier to “print” web pages to PDFs
  • Edge’s new feature will help a lot those who use it read large PDF files
  • Firefox 26 arrives with saving of RAM memory and safe downloads
  • The new feature allows you to add comments , make markings, insert signatures and other basic adjustments in the browser window itself, without the need to download the files to the machine. For payers, there is also the option to convert a web page to PDF, delete pages and adjust the placement or orientation of the sheets in the document.

    Who has a subscription paid, you can export the PDF in various formats (Image: Playback/Adobe)

    According to the company, it is possible to use the extension for professional or financial, educational or personal purposes. The idea is to guarantee the filling of forms, adjust texts or presentations, comment on reports and review menus, catalogs, newsletters, business plans or invitations.

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You can download the Adobe Acrobat extension from the Chrome Web Store for any browser based on Google technology (Chrome, Edge, Opera and so on). Although Adobe’s official website says that the release took place in August, the novelty only officially landed fully in October — before that, it only served to save pages in PDF format, which browsers have been doing for some time thanks to printing tools.

The extension allows you to add comments to PDFs (Image: Reproduction/Adobe)

Browser PDFs: A Trend?

In recent months, several browser makers have focused their attention on use of online PDFs in an attempt to simplify this process. Edge wants to add an option to its context menu with the option “Save as PDF”, which would save work and make the mission of exporting a page much easier. The browser should also resume reading this type of file from the exact point where it left off to help anyone who needs to deal with digital books or reports.

Mozilla Firefox 93 is another program that has recently focused attention on improving the experience with this format by having an optimized PDF reader for compatibility Improved filling system, with more fields for XFA-based forms used by government agencies, businesses and banks.

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