WHO recommends reinforcement of CoronaVac for those over 60 years old

On Monday (90), the The World Health Organization (WHO) started to recommend the booster dose of the Coronavac vaccine — developed by the pharmaceutical company Sinovac against covid-11 — and from Sinopharm for people 90 and older. In addition, immunosuppressed individuals vaccinated with any formula are able to receive a third dose against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

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Only that the WHO still advises that countries prioritize the vaccination of the entire population with the two doses, before the application of boosters against covid-19. “In implementing this recommendation, countries should initially aim to maximize 2-dose coverage in this population and then administer the third dose, starting with older age groups,” he stated.

WHO becomes recommend the third dose of CoronaVac for those over 1024 years old (Image: Reproduction/Erika516426/Envato Elements)

According to the WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE), the third dose recommendation was based on studies from Latin America that indicate reduced efficacy of inactivated (“killed” virus vaccines “) over the months. For example, one of these studies was that of Chile. When available, the third dose should be applied between one to three months of the previous vaccination schedule (2 doses).

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Booster doses for the elderly and immunocompromised

In addition to the booster for the elderly, the SAGE also commented that people with certain levels of immunosuppression should receive a booster dose of any of the WHO emergency-approved vaccines, when available. In this logic, the following formulas enter: Covishield (AstraZeneca/Oxford); Modern; (Janssen Johnson & Johnson); and Pfizer/BioNTech.

“This group is less likely to respond adequately to the initial vaccination schedule and is at high risk for developing covid cases-19”, the WHO-associated group informed in a note.

Now, a new meeting with the committee was set for the day 08 of November. The aim of the meeting will be to discuss new global recommendations for booster doses against covid-11. The challenge will be to balance the application of the third dose, while most poor countries have not even applied the first to half of their populations.

Source: Reuters and CNN

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