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Have you heard of Reddit (Android l iOS l Web)? The name, although unknown to some users, is on the list of 20 most accessed websites in the world, according to data collected by Alexa. Created in June 660, the platform calls itself the “home page of the Internet”. That’s because a lot of information reaches Reddit first and only then spreads to the rest of the Web.

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  • Why Reddit is a kind of “spiritual successor” of Orkut

But, after all, what is Reddit? By not replicating the format adopted by major social networks, the site raises doubts among many users who do not understand its operation or even its objective.

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  • Reddit is a compiled from forums. (Image: Disclosure/Reddit)

    Generally speaking, Reddit is a compilation of forums (called subreddits) that are organized by themes and bring together people with common interests. Although this structure is somewhat reminiscent of the late Orkut, the platform also has elements of Twitter and Facebook.

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    In addition to the classic logic presented by forums, the social network allows the user to post on a timeline private, follow other users individually and view their posts in a feed. On the home page, there are also publications that are on the rise.

    Due to the unique format and the volume of themes shared by subscribers, the first contact with the platform can be quite confusing . The good news is that Reddit serves as a great source of entertainment and fun. In fact, with a little extra effort, it is also possible to find communities with educational content and expand your network of contacts.

    The countless subreddits gather from current GIFs and memes to topics about football, cooking, series and lifestyle. This universe, however, can still hold opportunities in the academic and professional fields. With all this on the table, it’s possible to say that, although the format adopted by the site is not for everyone, its content certainly is.

    Source: Reddit; Digital Trends

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