WhatsApp develops another tweak to increase privacy in the app

WhatsApp works on more privacy controls for messenger profiles. The addition found this Tuesday () is a complement to the tool discovered last week and allows the user to determine exactly who cannot see your profile information.

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This time, it’s the “Recado” that receives indications of the novelty in version 2.

  • ..8 in the beta version of WhatsApp. The function, as suggested by screenshots published by the WABetaInfo website, allows the account owner to determine exceptions from the contact list that should not follow profile updates.

    Option would allow users to determine which contacts should not follow your updates in the Message (Image: Playback/WABetaInfo)

    The same novelty is also awaited for the “last seen”, which would be useful for those who want to keep their distance from specific people in their personal agenda. There are still no clues that the feature is under development, although the chance of it showing up in the future is considerable.

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    There is no forecast for the release of functionality discovered today, but it shouldn’t be long before it becomes available to WhatsApp testers. It is noteworthy that the status (temporary posts of the messenger) already have the function since 2017, so it was to be expected that the configuration was extended for more options at some point.

    As this is a resource still under construction, the general public still has to wait. It’s a shame, however, that WhatsApp has not yet implemented the long-awaited option of disappearing with the “online” indicator to avoid even more inconveniences.

    Source: WABetaInfo

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