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The infrastructure sector is one of the most challenging to operate in Brazil, a country with continental dimensions, in addition to diversified geography and climate. Therefore, building and managing highways, airports, transport services, among other items, requires not only skilled workers, but also constant investment in technology on the most diverse fronts. And creating a broad ecosystem of innovation — agile and always on the move — is essential to the evolution of an area that impacts the lives of tens of millions of people every day.

And it is with this scenario in mind that the

Group CCR, one of the largest infrastructure companies in Latin America and focused on mobility urban and human, announced the opening of registrations for the CCR Open Innovation Program. The initiative is a bridge that will connect the company with an innovation ecosystem whose solutions have the potential to revolutionize the market.

What is the CCR Open Innovation Program?

This innovation program aims to identify startups and other companies that are developing proven solutions (MVP – Minimum Viable Product) that are suited to the challenges proposed in the areas of engineering and supply. Once chosen, the companies will carry out a paid pilot project.

And as with all programs that promote innovation, the CCR Open Innovation Program will also promote ideas, thoughts, processes and surveys openly. All to improve the development of the participating companies’ products.

CCR Open Innovation Program: broad partnership possibilities

The most important point of the initiative is that the participants from CCR’s Open Innovation Program will have the opportunity to test their solutions/technologies with a large company, in addition to being remunerated for it, as mentioned above. They will also have the possibility of being hired as a supplier or partner of CCR without the need to assign a share of the chosen company (equity

    of the business).

    Not counting intellectual capital, that is, connection with specialist and qualified professionals in the sector, enabling the exchange of knowledge and practical learning, with the results obtained in a real validation environment.

    CCR Open Innovation Program: what solutions are sought?

    For this edition of the CCR Open Innovation Program, the The group seeks solutions and technologies focused on three fronts: Asset Monitoring, Pavement Technology and Supplier Management.

    For the Asset Monitoring area, the company is looking for solutions that optimize and digitize the monitoring and planning of maintenance on assets such as bridges, viaducts, walkways, drainage devices, embankments, containments, vertical and horizontal signage, road safety elements, buildings, train and subway stations (operating rooms, platforms, technical rooms and accesses).

    CCR wants projects that can guarantee the quality of its assets through a more efficient and predictive identification of recovery points. This includes solutions that enable automated data collection and allow for critical data analysis.

    For the Floor Technology sector , the solutions sought by CCR must cover at least five essential points: 1) Ensure the quality of the pavement, from its composition, execution and maintenance; 2) Reuse of milled material 3) Have an agile and well-designed executive process 4) Promote new inputs and mixtures 5) Ensure layer thickness and quantity.

    The projects desired by CCR must also reduce the costs related to the restoration of the pavement, ensuring compliance with quality standards, in addition to promoting a longer useful life for these interventions.

    Finally, the CCR Open Innovation Program also seeks solutions in the area of ​​Supplier Management. The company is looking for projects that enhance the monitoring, administration and evaluation of suppliers during the term of contracts.

    The objective is to make this management more efficient, for performance evaluation and record of history of service provision. This must occur through understanding the quality of delivery of contracts during the project. Enabling constant and accessible communication and data collection are also essential in these solutions.

    CCR Open Innovation Program: stages & schedule

    Check below the dates of each stage of the Innovation Program CCR Open:

  • 27/10: Opening of registration for the program
  • 10/10: Conducting webinar/start: 19H
      19/11: End of registration for the program
  • 29/10: Disclosure of participants
  • /10: Pitch Day
  • 11/10: Disclosure of selected solutions for the Pilot
  • 22/10: Start of Pilot s
  • The CCR Open Innovation Program special page also has a FAQ (located on the top menu at the top of the site), which answers the main questions raised by the participants, in addition to the complete regulation. Click here to access it.

    Very well! Ready to innovate and revolutionize the mobility market? Then participate in the CCR Open Innovation Program. Register by accessing the initiative’s special page by clicking here and put your startup to make history!

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