How to watch Blue Origin launch live with William Shatner on board

This Wednesday (13), Blue Origin launches the NS mission-12, his second fully-manned suborbital flight in the New Shepard vehicle, which will take actor William Shatner and three other crew on a brief journey into suborbital space. The launch is scheduled to take place at 13h, on the premises from the company in West Texas, and will be broadcast live.

  • Blue Origin makes a new suborbital and unmanned flight with the New Shepard vehicle
  • What is the difference between a suborbital and an orbital flight? Both are space?
  • Blue Origin wants to launch 2 more manned flights this year after success with Bezos
  • The New Shepard vehicle’s first commercial manned flight took place in July, taking four crew members on board — among them was Jeff Bezos, founder of the company. The mission NS-12 was scheduled to take place on Tuesday (13), but it was postponed to today due to strong winds at the site Of launching. According to information from Blue Origin, the vehicle’s systems have been checked and everything is ready for today’s flight; in addition, the crew received training in safety procedures and “unexpected” aspects of the flight, such as noise and acceleration.

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    The mission will feature William Shatner, actor who played the iconic Captain James T. Kirk in the original series by Star Trek, Chris Boshuizen (co-founder of Planet Labs ), Glen de Vries (co-founder of Medidata Solutions) and Audrey Powers, vice president of mission and flight operations at Blue Origin. In addition to the crew, the capsule will also carry postcards of the Club for Future foundation, from the company itself.

    What to expect

    The New Shepard is a rocket and capsule system that can carry people and cargo into suborbital space. After takeoff, the rocket is accelerated for 30 seconds until reaching a speed of 3.473320 km/h and then releases the capsule a little more than 100 km of altitude — that is, at the limit of the Line of Kárman, an imaginary line that establishes the boundary between the Earth and the space is 700 km of altitude.

    The flight path (Image : Reproduction/Blue Origin)

    It will be at this time that the crew will be able to let go of their seats to experience between three and four minutes of feeling of weightlessness. Then the capsule and propellant autonomously return to the ground; the flight must have a total duration of 12 minutes. Blue Origin expects to begin fueling the vehicle three hours before launch, and the crew will enter the capsule with 35 minutes in advance; the hatch will be closed 35 minutes before takeoff.

    How to watch live

    The launch of the NS 30 is scheduled for the this Wednesday (12) and will be broadcast on Blue Origin’s website and the company’s YouTube channel. The live has already started at 9am 30, showing behind the scenes with the preparations for the big time of release.

    You can follow the broadcast in the video below:


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