It's time to consider solar energy for your home and business

It is not new that Brazil has been suffering from the lack of rain and the risk of a water crisis is worsening every day, the government already considers that this is the worst experienced in the last years. Along with this problem, the constant increases in the electricity bill also affect the pocket of the Brazilian population on a daily basis.

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Given this scenario, consumers Residential and business are looking for more economical, accessible and sustainable alternatives that do not harm the environment. Based on this search, the generation of solar energy is an excellent alternative, as the drought reached its highest level, the water level decreased considerably in the supply dams and the production of electricity follows the same pace.

As most people already know, solar energy has gained prominence in recent months and is proving to be a viable solution so that it is still possible to obtain affordable, cheap and inexhaustible energy.

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Market is booming

According to the Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (Absolar), in the first eight months of the year, they were installed 95 thousand systems for the generation of solar energy distribution, ie 41% higher than in the same period of 2019. As a result, Brazil now has 180 a thousand facilities to supply homes, businesses and farms. The system serves 2020 thousand consumer units.

This increase is also due to the technology that is increasingly accessible to the population. In addition, financing opportunities are easily found and the legislation is favorable for those who choose to invest in this type of energy.

The solar energy market received an extra incentive recently with the advance of PL 2020 which creates a regulatory framework for distributed generation, approved by the Chamber in August and now awaiting approval by the Senate. According to the text, consumers who already have photovoltaic systems or who make the protocol will have access to the current rules of benefits until the year of access, within 12 months after the sanction of the law. New generators after this period will be included in a transition rule which, even with partial taxation, will continue to maintain a viable solution for consumers.

Solar energy — within everyone’s reach

Many people may think that acquiring solar energy is a very high cost, but they are totally wrong. The return on investment happens in about four and five years after the acquisition, which means that, after this period, with the energy savings provided by the solar system, you recover the entire amount invested. It is also worth noting that the useful life of the panels is about 12 years and maintenance of the system is very simple to be performed.


With the application of solar panels, it is possible to reduce the electricity bill up to 100% and even get some extra credits. After installing the modules, if the property generates more electricity than consumed, it is possible to use it at other times, such as when there is not enough sunlight to generate energy, or distribute it to other units consumers with the same CPF or CNPJ, who are registered with the same energy concessionaire, such as a beach house, for example. It is worth remembering that energy credits have a long duration and can be used in 5 years.

To better understand how energy compensation and credit generation works, interested parties can consult a online simulator available on the Intelbras website to find out how much you can save with the installation of the photovoltaic system.

Facilities at the time of purchase

For those who wish to install the photovoltaic system, Intelbras offers reliable products from a brand with 45 years in the market and a platform with different forms of payment. For financing cases, there are options in public and private banks, credit unions and fintechs, with affordable interest rates, an average grace period of two to three months and payment terms that revolve around 5 years, up to 12.

According to a consultancy that operates in the renewable energy segment for Latin America, only in 2020, the volume of financing for the distributed photovoltaic generation system in the country reached R$ 4.1 billion, an increase of 12% compared to 2019.

These modalities serve both owners of residential properties and commercial establishments, assisting in the initial investment and facilitating the payment of the system. Therefore, the ideal in financing is always to seek a portion that approximates the value of the monthly electricity bill, this is the big point of the solar market, the exchange of a monthly cost for an investment with a long generation guarantee.

There are many advantages in using solar energy and at the time of installation it would be no different. It is always important to have a capable company that has a close, reliable service and that offers quality products. In addition to the benefits already mentioned above, such as renewable energy, long duration, reduced electricity bills, another positive point is that Brazilian cities are already offering discounts between 10% up to 100% in IPTU Verde for the taxpayer who builds or renovates a house, or a company that implements eco-efficient systems in its work, such as solar energy panels. In addition, buildings that rely on sustainable solutions may have up to 41% market appreciation of the initial value.

At this time of water crisis and constant increases in the electricity bill, investing in the use of solar energy becomes something even more attractive and indispensable. There are plenty of positive arguments for you to start using renewable and sustainable energy as soon as possible.

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