Sony and TSMC to team up to tackle semiconductor crisis

The global market has been facing, for months, a crisis in the supply of semiconductors that affects the production of several electronics manufacturers or even of car manufacturers. This is, in part, a result of the new coronavirus pandemic, which has caused demand to soar that chip companies — such as TSMC, for example — have been unable to keep pace.

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Now, TSMC itself, which is the largest producer of components in the world, should join Sony to open a new chip factory. The intention is to increase the production of hardware to try to end the crisis.

According to the details, TSMC would have a majority control of the business, while Sony would be responsible for providing the space and real estate needed to build the new factory, which would be located in Japan. In addition to the two, the Japanese government would also be interested in this construction and, according to local media sources, would bear half of the expenses that, in total, amount to the fence. of US$ 7 billion.

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According to the information, this new factory must be built and started operating from 2024 and will supply hardware for the manufacture of automobiles, as one of the possible participants in the project is Denso, a Japanese company that produces car parts .

So far, none of the companies has commented on this supposed partnership, but market analysts believe that the union makes a lot of sense, especially from an economic point of view, since the expectation is that, in 2024, autonomous cars and IoT items are even more popular. Thus, it is possible to expect that the demand for semiconductors will grow more and more, which justifies increasing production efforts.

Source: TechRadar

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