Best Moto G to buy in 2021

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The best Moto G to buy in 2021


THE best choice is the Moto G60. It comes very close to the Moto G100 in all features and even brings a screen of 60 Hz. The battery lasts great and the cameras are very competent

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Cost-benefit: The Moto G 5G is ideal for those who want to save money and still have a good cell phone. Ready for 5G it still has powerful hardware, great camera set and long lasting battery

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For photo and video: The Moto G100 is the most powerful and the most expensive Moto G. It is a “low cost top of the line” and has 4 sensors in the back and 2 in the front

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Cheap: The Moto G9 Play is ideal for those who need to save money. It owes very little to Moto G18 and its battery lasts very well. Being a model from last year, he is already well into account

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Not worth it: From the current generation, the Moto G10 and G18 are the models that we do not recommend. The models of the Moto G8 family also aren’t because they are old and not that cheap

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