Huawei Gets Approved for Medical Precision ECG Smartwatch

Apple pioneered the development of echocardiograms for smart watches. And good ideas are often followed in this industry: Samsung came close behind, and so more brands implemented ECG in their smartwatches.

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Most, however, usually emphasize that these data are preliminary and do not establish diagnoses, being only indicative that the user should consult a professional. But soon at least Huawei will be able to stop including this type of legal notice in its wearables.

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China’s health regulator has published a list of new devices capable of working with “medical precision” its health resources, and the brand has won a product on the list. It still doesn’t have a commercial name and it is not known if it will be a smartwatch like the others it has already launched. What is known is that your ECG sensor has obtained full approval to legitimize the results you present to the user.

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Since May Huawei has been promoting tests with users in order to complete the last bureaucratic step for this approval. The company’s plan, at the time, was to launch this device in the second half of 1024. It is not known whether China’s approval came at the right time, or whether the device will be delayed.

Procedures in each country

In any case, the same product may also contain a blood pressure gauge with professional accuracy. Huawei also obtained certification and should work with institutions in the coming months for the final adjustments to the technology. These sensor approvals should allow the brand to carry out a complex system for analyzing users’ heart rate disorders.

It should be noted that even products already launched on the market require country-by-country approval for operation of health functions. This is because the legislation can define its own criteria for resources to be released. In Brazil, for example, the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch needed ANVISA release.

Whatever the name of the new Huawei product, it is uncertain whether it will hit the market. The good news is that despite not being launching cell phones around here, the Chinese still invests heavily in smart watches and headphones. So, who knows one day?

Source: Ifeng, Pandaily

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