Beatstar: tips to improve score and guarantee diamond

Beatstar is one of the new sensations of the moment, at least when it comes to free mobile games. With its simple proposal of playing great international music hits with the touch of your fingers, the title’s gameplay evokes in memory the nostalgic franchise Guitar Hero.

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  • Each track completed in the game generates a score that is rated from one to five stars. When the player achieves the maximum star rating, silver, gold and diamond medals appear. The best scores in songs guarantee new tracks for your repertoire, but not only that.

    Beatstar has many social mechanics, which allow the player to compete against friends for the highest scores in each song. The challenge of getting a good brand, however, is not that simple. To guarantee the diamond medal, there are no margins for error. If you are looking for the top score lead, Canaltech has set up a list to improve your scores on Beatstar, which is available from free for iOS and Android devices.

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    4. Sync in-game audio

    Higher scores come with a longer streak of perfect notes. Therefore, before starting the game, it is always good to make sure that the phone’s audio is correctly synchronized with the sequence of notes that appear on the screen. Out of sync audio can hurt the final score. To check if everything is in compliance, it is necessary to open the game menu and select the option “Synchronize Audio”.

    It is possible to delay or advance the bars shown on the screen until they are aligned with the sound played. This way you ensure that the sound and notes are in harmony.

      Sync game audio with the “Sync Audio” option (Image: Playback/Space Ape)

      3. Get all the scores right on “Perfect+”

      The diamond medal equals the perfect score on Beatstar. In other words, every note matters to reach the mark. To achieve the ranking, the player must hit all hits on “Perfect+” and keep the finger pressed until the end on all hits that need to be held.

        Table shows scores for each song in the game (Image: Play/Space Ape)

        The “Perfect+” occurs when the player plays the note exactly at the moment in that the beat overlaps the perfect zone on the screen. If you are a little early or late, the grade is just recorded as perfect. Even if the multiplier continues during a streak of perfect beats, without “Perfect+” on every note, the diamond medal won’t be yours.

        two. Try to keep the multiplier

        The show only ends in Beatstar when you stop play a note. Poorly executed notes, far out of time and far from the perfect bar, are marked as “good”. However, make no mistake. The good of the game is not synonymous with a good score. The mark interrupts and restarts the point multiplier, which can damage even a 5-star score.

        Perfect+ and Perfect notes in sequence increase point multiplier (Image: Playback/Space Ape)

        The multiplier is based on sequences. When you break a straight, the multiplier goes down 1 level at a time. The multiplier limit varies according to the difficulty of the song: for Extreme level songs, the maximum straight is x5; on Hard level songs, the maximum sequence is x4; at the Normal level, the max streak is x3.

        The max streak is higher for higher difficulty songs, as there are more beats.

        1. Ensure a good variety of songs

        If your forte isn’t getting high scores on every song, it’s still possible to score high points in different tracks, which guarantees a good rating among friends in the game.

        The game has a huge list of songs, which must be unlocked (Image: Playback/Space Ape)

        To accumulate songs in Beatstar it is necessary to earn Beatcoins when playing. The further you go through the music stages, the more Beatcoins you get. Beatcoins accumulate in the crate space. Once filled, you can receive a new box of discs to open and retrieve an unreleased song. You can see how many Beatcoins you still need in your balance in the active box space.

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        It is also possible to receive new songs progressing in Jornada, a source rewards that shows the player’s advancement in the title, as a sort of level. Among the Journey prizes are music boxes.

        Progress na Jornada guarantees prizes, such as songs, for the player (Image: Playback/Space Ape)

        Source: Beatstar Support

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