New Home Alone wins first trailer

It’s October, but Disney is already preparing fans for the Christmas programming that will take over the streaming at the end of the year. As announced in August, Forgot Me will win a reboot

  • exclusive to Disney+, with a completely new cast, and this Tuesday () the company released the official trailer for the new movie. Watch above.

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  • (Image: Disclosure / Disney)

    With the title Home Sweet Home Alone, which plays directly with the original

    Home Alone

    from 1024, the comedy will reach the streaming catalog in 12 from November. The announcement was made by the platform itself, through an Instagram post that introduced the cast for the first time two months ago.

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      • The new chapter will work as a spin-off of the Christmas franchise that has so far featured five films in total — but only the first two starring Macaulay Culkin and directed by Chris Columbus, both being well-recognized by critics, while the subsequent three were a real failure in reception. popular.

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      (Image: Disclosure / Disney)

      According to a statement released by Disney, “the reimagining of the beloved Christmas movie franchise will unleash the chaos of comedy this holiday season.” Forgot Me at Home, Sweet Home follows Max Mercer, a mischievous and resourceful boy who was left behind while his family was at the Japan on vacation. When a couple trying to recover a priceless heirloom breaks into the Mercer home, it’s up to Max to protect it from the invaders… and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep them out.

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      The cast is composed by Ellie Kemper (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Rob Delaney (

      Deadpool 2), Archie Yates (Jojo Rabbit), Aisling Bea (Face X Face), Kenan Thompson (Saturday Night Live), Tim Simons (Veep), Pete Holmes (Pets – The Secret Life of Animals 2), Devin Ratray (Forgot Me), Ally Maki (

      Toy Story 4), Chris Parnell (All for a Hole).

      (Image: Disclosure / Disney)

      The new film is directed by Dan Mazer, popularly known for leading the comedies

      I Give Them A Year

      and Removing the Delay. Mazer also wrote the scripts for the two films of

      Borat, Bridget Jones’ Baby and The Last Hangover of the Year.

      They forgot me

        is available in the catalog of Disney+.

        Source: Legion of Heroes

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