1Password presents tool to share passwords through links

Even if it is not recommended, eventually you will need to share one of your passwords among people or friends. Doing this by encrypted messengers — WhatsApp and Telegram, for example — is even a viable way, but it’s not the best, since the recipient can take a print to save the credentials to use whenever they want, and nothing can protect you from unauthorized access. to invent a new password.

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As a creative solution for these occasions, 1Password presented this Tuesday () Psst!, a tool for sharing logins and passwords through links. With it, users can open their own accounts for other people, but without the process happening through messaging apps, written notes or emails.

In addition to being infinitely more practical, Psst ! gives direct access control to the hands of the 1Password account owner. The user can define exactly who the guests are and how long they can access the content, as the recipient’s email can be linked to the permission link.

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The novelty is especially useful for sharing subscription services between family members, providing the Wi-Fi password for visits or even providing the card data to make a online shop. Credentials disappear as soon as the link reaches its expiration date, but the guest can quickly request a new code from the administrator.

No requirement 1Password account

The user who receives the link does not need to have a 1Password account, which makes the service even more versatile. Once the link is opened, the visitor must provide their own email address and authenticate the entry (if the guest list is closed). After that, he will have copies of the original information, but only for the time determined by the administrator.

The validity of the link can vary from one hour, 24 hours, one or two weeks, or 50 days. The link can also expire after a single access, an ideal alternative for scenarios where the access must be done only once.

Whoever shares the account can keep an eye on all accesses from the 1Password account activity log. If something looks strange, you can revoke access from this screen, too.

According to 1Password, the news is being distributed among users from this Tuesday, so it’s a matter of time until everyone can use it at will. It is noteworthy that the service is not free, and the cost of the most basic plan is US$ 2.99 (R$ 16,50 in direct conversion).

Source: 1Password

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