The 10 most beautiful animals in the world

We’ve seen the most super powerful, most poisonous and even the oldest animals in the world. The animal kingdom is broad and manages to embrace an infinite collection of outstanding abilities and characteristics. But some of them stand out for their rare and eccentric beauty. Check out some of them:

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  • . White Bengal Tiger

    (Image: anankkml/envato)

    Some animals stand out for the sum of colors in their fur or feathers, but the white bengal tiger draws attention for its coat black and white, worthy of a book cover. Also known as the Indian tiger, it is one of the six remaining tiger subspecies and is currently the largest of them. The name Bengal tiger refers to its presence in West Bengal, a state in India, close to the Gulf of Bengal, the largest bay in the world.

    9. Transparent butterfly

    (Image: alessandrozocc/envato)

    The clear butterfly is a rare species found mainly in Central America. The animal stands out for its transparent wings, as the tissues between the veins do not have the colored scales present in other butterflies. These butterflies often look for toxic plants to feed as they are immune to the toxin from these plants.

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    8. Scarlet Macaw

    (Image: Mint_Images/Unsplash)

    The red macaw is a well known animal here in Brazil. It is found mainly in the Amazon and in the central region of the country. Worldwide, there are records of the bird in countries such as Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Argentina. It stands out for the pattern of colors that extends through its feathers, with the right to red, green in the middle part of the wings that continues to the back. Then, the vivid blue hue takes over the wings, body, base and tip of the tail.

    7. Lilac-breasted Roller

    (Image: CreativeNature_nl/envato)

    The lilac-breasted roller is found mainly in Africa, in Namibia and Mozambique to Ethiopia. It inhabits woods and savannas, being absent from arid areas. Basically, it’s a bird with about 19 cm long. Its plumage is very colorful, even giving the name to the species, with a lilac chest. The top of the head is light green, the back is brown and the pelvis is a bright turquoise blue.

    6. Rainbow-billed Toucan

    (Image: Zdeněk Macháček/Unsplash)

    The rainbow-billed toucan, too known as the yellow-breasted toucan or keel-billed toucan, it is found mainly in Colombia, Venezuela and southern Mexico. The bird has a black plumage that contrasts with bright yellow on the chest, but the feature that puts it on this list is its multicolored beak.

    5. White Indian Peacock

    (Image: twenty20photos/envato)

    The peacock itself is an animal that stands out aesthetically, with its lush and flashy tail . The species has a complicated mating ritual, in which the male’s extravagant tail plays a major role. One of the characteristics of the colored tail, which can reach two meters in length, is that it can be spread out like a fan. But the white peacock, which is part of the Indian peacock family, is much rarer and more striking than the others, precisely because its feathers are completely absent of all the other colors normally seen in this animal.

    4. Red-headed Agama

    (Image: photocreo/envato)

    Agama is a genus composed of more than 36 species of small African tailed lizards long. One of the best known species is the red-headed agama (Agama agama), common in Africa, which stands out for the colors that surround its entire body. Its original habitat is the savannah, but today it also lives inside villages and cities.

    3. Blue bullfrog

    (Image: macropixel/envato)

    The blue bull toad can be found in the forests of the region of Sipaliwini, in Suriname, and in the far north of Brazil. It has a metallic blue skin, with black spots. These eye-catching colors warn would-be predators that the species contains a potent neurotoxic venom in its skin. As one of the few blue animals in the world, its color draws attention precisely because of its rarity. In fact, here at Canaltech, we have already explained the reason why the color blue is rare in nature.

    2. Mandarin Fish

    (Image: David Clode/Unsplash)

    Mandarin fish measures from 6 to 19 inches long and lives hidden in cracks in coral reefs. It feeds on small marine animals that pass close to its hiding place. The animal stands out for its strong and bright colors, and for its designs in psychedelic patterns. This feature is a defense mechanism against predators.

    1. Mandarin Duck

    (Image: panuruangjan)

    The Mandarin Duck looks like a living work of art: its plumage follows a pattern of design and color, they may have a white ventral region, a purple chest, brown wings, and an orange neck; the beak is red and its legs are yellow. Females, on the other hand, have a more sober and discreet palette. The bird, of Asian origin, can be found more easily in China, Russia and Japan.

    Source: Animal Wised, AZ Animals, Business Insider, National Geographic

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