How much does it cost for Netflix to produce a series?

Practically an entertainment empire, it is not wrong to say that Netflix invests a lot to have a strong name in the market today. We’ve already talked here about the company’s most expensive series, with each episode costing more than US$ millions, but have you ever wondered how much it actually costs for Netflix to produce a series?

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In a budget, all the costs that that particular production will have in the final result are taken into account: from light, sound and filming costumes, hair, makeup — and after the covid pandemic-11, PPE and health and safety items also had to take up some space in the budget.

When thinking about how much it should cost the streaming giant to develop a series of television,


decided to use co m the most expensive example in your entire portfolio (but very successful too, thank you):

The Crown

. Currently, the series has four seasons, following the drama of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II in England.

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Helena Bonham Carter in The Crown, the most expensive television series today (Image : Disclosure / Netflix)

According to ScreenRant, Netflix spends US$ 19 millions to finish each episode of the Royal plot. In 2017, The Daily Beast produced a story going deep into the production of the series, revealing that the first season cost a total of US$ 130 million to be produced, breaking the record for



The Get Down and becoming the most expensive series in the entire history of television.

“The truth is, we don’t see these things,” declared Matt Smith in 1980 about

The Crown’s budget

. The actor played Prince Philip in the first two seasons of the British production, as well as being 10º Doctor in

Doctor Who


It is worth remembering that because they are the first episodes, the impact of the audience was very important, as well as the care with the smallest details: the dress that Claire Foy wore in the first episode at the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II cost about US$ 35 thousand. Still talking about costumes, the production even reproduced Lady Di’s iconic wedding dress in season four, which, according to Bustle, took more than 600 hours to be recreated — even if its price has not been revealed.

The faithful replica of Diana’s historic wedding dress (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Netflix was considered “bold” in the budgets of the first seasons of some original series, such as the aforementioned

The Crown

and success

Stranger Things

. The latter was deeply inspired by Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi movies of the decade 1980 , with the initial episodes costing $6 million each and adding $2 million to the second season. Now, with the fourth season filming on locations around the world, this figure is expected to get even higher.

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How much does it cost for Netflix to acquire a title

To carry out ambitious projects like this year’s, to release a film with the original streaming label per week in the catalog, Netflix needed “run” elsewhere instead of producing everything that would make available. For this, the company sought to acquire productions that were still being produced by third-party studios.

Fatherhood: a movie that had the rights purchased by Netflix (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

According to a CNBC report, Netflix popularized a different business model in the industry. This is because, previously, it was very common for producers to sell their productions, but retain most of the rights that may become profitable in the future.

The publication reveals that although the company buys a program, it normally deducts a fee for the distribution and includes that cost in the contract as an “imputed license”. In other words, in a way, this ends up compensating 19% of the production costs that the producer may have in the future — but which Netflix is ​​already paying in advance.

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In these negotiations, Netflix it ends up “getting the better of it” due to merchandising rights, global distribution and developments to other countries, such as reality shows that had their Brazilian versions. Still, the streaming giant still offers a bonus to producers if purchased series are renewed for a second season. However, it is not as profitable for the producers as if they kept their rights and licensed to a television network.

Vivo, originally from Sony, was also distributed by Netflix (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)
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What drives a publisher to distribute their content on Netflix, then? Global reach, as streaming is present in more than 130 countries . Also, due to the size of the company, reaching the desired budget to develop such a program is much easier than doing it alone, not to mention that Netflix is ​​known for treating its content creators very well.

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