shoaib akhtar inspiration: kahan se mili shoaib akhtar ko inspiration: Where did Shoaib Akhtar get his inspiration?

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Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has shared an anecdote from the early days of his career. Akhtar has told that two women from his neighborhood used to taunt him but this inspired him more.

Shoaib Akhtar, the world’s fastest bowler, troubled batsmen around the world during his playing days. At the same time, even after retirement, he remains very popular through his videos.

Akhtar told in the video how two women played an important role in giving his career a new direction.

Akhtar said in the video released on Sportskeeda’s YouTube, ‘This is the story of the early times of my career. I was giving trial in Rawalpindi. I was told that I am very aggressive and my talent as a cricketer was questioned. So I used to ask everyone, ‘Why are you saying this?’ I would have been told, ‘We have never seen charisma happen.’ I’d say, ‘If you haven’t seen this happen, I’ll do it.’ But they did not believe and it was very difficult to convince them. People of my locality also used to say the same thing.

About two special women in his neighbourhood, he said, “When I used to practice, two women from my neighborhood used to taunt me constantly. She would often ask me where I was going. I would answer, ‘I am going to be a star.’ All I know is that she was helping me become a star. She used to insult and taunt me everyday. She would tell me, ‘Nothing will happen to you.’ And I would turn back and say, ‘Wait for a while, I am going to be the next star of the country’.

Akhtar said, ‘I used to run about eight miles daily. But I was very scared of those two aunties. When I used to go out for practice, I used to get scared of him. But she would often stand in the corner and hold me, she had no work, didn’t she?

Akhtar told that when he started playing for Pakistan, he went to meet those two women. He told what happened next. Rawalpindi Express told, ‘So I went to meet those two women. She was standing there. He said, ‘We have heard that you have been selected in the Pakistani team.’ I reminded him, ‘I used to tell you that I would be a star. Why didn’t you believe me?’ But his reply to this was, ‘Let’s see how long you stay in the team.’ Then I said, ‘I don’t know if you guys will be there to watch this or not but I will be a big star’.

Akhtar further said, ‘Those two women were knowingly or unknowingly motivating me to be successful. Two women were standing in the corner helping me make a star. I have not forgotten it till date.’

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