SAGE recommends covid vaccine booster for those with weakened immune systems

In times of a vaccination against covid-19 already advanced in In many countries, the question is asked about the need for a booster dose. And this Monday (20), the Strategic Advisory Group of Specialists in Immunization (SAGE), in charge of advising the Organization Health World Health Organization (WHO) on vaccines and technology, recommended that people with weakened immune systems receive an extra dose of the immunizing agent they have taken.

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    The occasion consisted of a meeting of four days last week to review the latest information and data on a variety of vaccines for covid-19 and other diseases . The group emphasized that it was not recommending an additional booster dose for the general population, which is already being implemented in some countries, but announced that it would review the issue of general booster doses in November this year.

    “SAGE recommended that moderately and severely immunocompromised people should receive an additional dose of the vaccine. These individuals are less likely to respond adequately to vaccination after a series of standard primary vaccines and are at high risk of covid disease-19 serious”, announced the group.

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Kate O’Brien, WHO’s head of vaccines, said the extra dose should be considered as part of the normal course of immunization for people with weaker immune systems, to be given after waiting for a to three months. The idea, basically, is to raise the level of protection to prevent against serious illnesses, hospitalization and death.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, experts from the UN health agency also said that higher than 60 years fully immunized with Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines, from China, should receive a third booster dose.

Source: Medical Xpress

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