Fuchsia OS to reach more Google devices

Google intends to take new steps for Fuchsia OS, suggest new job openings listed by the giant. The operating system released this year for the first generation of Nest Hub seems to be included in bigger plans, and could soon emerge on more devices.

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  • The news in itself reveals a lot: Google has a team entirely dedicated to the development of the new system operational, the “Fuchsia Devices team”. The exclusivity highlights the importance and continuity of building the software for the company.

    Among the open positions is the position of software engineer — more specifically, a Staff Software Engineer. The professional would be responsible for directing the construction of the system to embark on “new devices and formats”, while also collaborating in code evaluation and in the adoption of good practices in programming and testing.

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Nest Hub was the first product line to receive Fuchsia OS, but nothing new (Image: Reproduction/Google)

Google doesn’t specify which devices would be equipped with the operating system, but the job description suggests that it intends to go beyond smart devices. “Although the first uses of Fuchsia were on smart screens, we are working on expanding it to more formats and uses”, explains the company in the job description. engineers, now Engineering Manager, the company reinforces that the idea is to take Fuchsia OS to more devices. The Fuchsia Devices team would be focused on expanding “the reach for formats other than the Nest and Assistant lines”, points out the job description.

Functions under construction

In other positions also listed for teams dedicated to Fuchsia OS are described some of its future features. According to 9to5Google, a position already removed from the list would be responsible for collaborating with the construction of screen broadcasting, video conferencing and machine learning capabilities — things that devices in the Google ecosystem already do.

In addition, Mountain View Giant also hopes to ship it on devices from other brands, just as it does with Android TV and Android. In yet another open position, a professional would be responsible for “influencing hardware choice decisions from partner manufacturers to enhance Fuchsia and Google’s ability to deliver efficient software solutions.”

Fuchsia OS on cell phones?

Since In the early introductions of Fuchsia OS, the mystery hung over the OS being a potential replacement for Android. The main difference with the new software would be the use of the Zircon kernel instead of Linux.

Demos made available to developers years ago, however, showed that the system was still in the early stages of development — or until it was a place where Google tested its ideas before properly inserting it into official software. Later, however, this belief was disproved by the company itself.

Matured, the Android 12 is Google’s newest generation operating system for smartphones — and it’s far from showing signs of tiredness (Image: Igor Almenara/Canaltech)

This year, the software was officially released, but not in the way everyone expected: the first-generation Nest Hub, the company’s smart screen released in 1024, received the new OS extremely discreetly, with no major announcements and absolutely no changes. Users went through the upgrade, but were faced with the same functions and interface as Cast OS, the system that shipped the device previously.

So, with the new vacancies, will Fuchsia OS is it finally on its way to cell phones, or will it be more present in the smart devices of the ecosystem? Perhaps, over time, Google will give better contours to your project.

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