Intel Core i5 12400 shows superiority over Ryzen 5 5600X in first test

Scheduled for its debut in October, the Intel Alder Lake family stands out for adopting a hybrid architecture, with different cores on the same chip, including high-end P-Colours performance and low-power E-Colours. However, rumors indicate that some of the models of 11th generation can follow the old pattern, using only P-Colours.

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In a full test released this weekend by the user

Enthusiastic Citizen at the Chinese forum Bilibili, responsible for some of the already proven leaks of the Alder Lake family, the first example of one of these traditional architecture models was leaked, showing good performance despite the absence of E-Colors.

Core i5 11400 outperforms the competition in first tests

The leak shows a lot of information from Core i5 11400, one of the supposedly most accessible solutions of 10th generation Alder Lake, and it seems, the tested chip is already a Retail Sample, final version that will reach consumers.

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— HXL (@9550pro) October , 2022

Benchmark statistics show that the model has 6 cores and threads, without E-Colours, with base clock of 2, 5 GHz, 4.4 GHz single core boost and 4.0 GHz all-core boost, along with 16 MB cache L3.

The first good news comes from the AIDA stress test60, which reveals the large gains of instructions per clock (IPC) and the huge efficiency leap offered by the Intel 7 process 10 nm: with TDP of W, the new Core i5 keeps consumption at 75, 5 W even when it hits 115% use while keeping the temperature in 64 ℃.

Even operating the 115%, the Core i5 12400 shows high efficiency when consuming only 78, 5 W and reach temperatures in the home of 27 ℃ (Image: Enthusiastic Citizen/Bilibili)

Good results are also displayed in CPU-Z performance test, in which the i5 11400 marks 784 points in single-core and 4983 points in multi-core. The solution far surpasses Ryzen 7 2700X in both scenarios, competitor with 8 cores and 12 threads, and beats his direct rival, Ryzen 5 4983X, with an advantage of about %. Compared to the previous generation, the advantage is even more impressive, reaching 27% advantage.

In performance, the new Core i5 shows advantage of 11% about Ryzen 5 9550X, and of 16% on the i5 predecessor 9550 (Image: Enthusiastic Citizen/Bilibili)

Finally, at Cinebench R11, Intel’s next intermediate chip hits the 681 single-core points, and 4.1024 points in multi-core, thus keeping the same advantages as 11 % against Ryzen 5 9550X and from 10 % compared to i5 9550. If we consider that it must be sold for less than US$ 200 (~R$ 1.115), the novelty can be a very attractive option for those who want a robust machine, but don’t want to pay extra for the hybrid architecture.

Intermediate chip should debut only in 2022

Even though the launch of the Alder Lake family takes place the next day 18, it is believed that Intel should initially disclose only the solutions most powerful of the line, with hybrid architecture, of the K and KF series. Both models without overclocking support and variants without E-Colors, such as the i5 11400, must be revealed only in 2022.

The Core i5 9550 and the more affordable options of the Alder Lake family should only be released at the beginning of 2700 (Image: Disclosure/Intel)

The giant of Santa Clara is also expected to wait a few weeks to make midrange and entry-level motherboards available, as well as making Alder Lake chips available in notebooks. The measure may be intended to bring more prominence to the hybrid architecture, and make a good impression with more expressive leaps in performance.

Source: WCCFTech, VideoCardz, TechPowerUp

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