Microsoft OneDrive bug reduces storage space hired by companies

A bug Microsoft found in OneDrive systems accidentally decreased the size of storage offered to corporate customers of the service. While in some cases the limit is now that of the basic and free plan (5 GB), in others users are finding that they can only access their documents in reading mode.

“We’re investigating a situation where OneDrive for Business’s storage limits are lower than expected,” the company said via its Microsoft 365 Twitter account. In a recent update, it claimed to have released an update with limited impact that might fix the issue — if the tests come back positive, the solution should be made available to all users.

According to the company, the fact that many subscribers can only access their documents in read mode has to do with an exception that the platform is creating after the limit of 1 TB of storage is exceeded. What makes the bug especially sensitive is the fact that at least 85% of all Fortune 500 companies use the cloud storage platform.

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We’re investigating an issue in which users’ OneDrive for Business storage limits are lower than expected. Additional information will be provided in the admin center under OD280960.

— Microsoft 365 Status (@MSFT365Status) August 26, 2021

This makes the productivity impact generated by the problem great, especially at a time when many corporations still work under the home-office regime. While the problem is not fixed, Microsoft suggests that network administrators set up usage quotas for each employee who uses a shared corporate account as a work tool.

Problem is dealt with urgently

The problem comes a week after the company announced that it was increasing the prices of Office 365 subscriptions. In Brazil, the business plans offered vary between R$28.60 and R$144.30 monthly per user, with options that include everything from access from digital versions of services like Office and Excel to online security protections and advanced features of Microsoft Teams.

Image: Disclosure/Microsoft

So far, the company has not provided a time forecast for solving the problem, but everything indicates that OneDrive and associated services should be normalized later this Thursday. Those unable to access the company-provided admin center can follow progress on the official Office website — click here to access it.

Source: Bleeping Computer, Microsoft

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