LoL | Pre-Season 2022 Changes Revealed

Riot Games released the latest episode of LoL PLS, a program that showcases the latest from the pre-season of League of Legends. In addition to talking about the balance of new champions and abilities, the video also shows major changes to the game’s map.

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    Riot opened the video talking about how the champions are in a state of Satisfactory balance, with the exception of Dr. Mundo’s update, which came a little too hard in Summoner’s Rift. Throughout the episode, the developer also commented on some of the main points of the Pre-Season, which you can check out below.

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      Image: Playback/Riot Games

      The biggest New to the video were the Dragons and two new epic monsters will be added to the League of Legends. The Hextech Dragon will change the map, bringing hextech portals that can teleport players. If your team acquires the Alma Hextech, an ability that will launch a chain shock and slow down enemies, it will be added to the attack of champions, much like the passive of the late item Statikk Knife.

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      Now with the Dragon Quimtec, the team will deal more damage when getting low health. The Dragon Quimtec’s soul will put players into a “zombie state”, which can act after death for a few seconds to damage enemies — something similar to the ability of Champion Sion who, after dying, returns as a zombie that can attack while it loses life over time until it falls for good. When the Quimtec Dragon takes over the Rift, it will create cloaking zones across the map.

      New Items and Rune Rework

      Image: Playback/Riot Games

      The developer stated that new items should arrive next season, mainly for the Mage, Assassin and Tank class champions. Players who like to play with tanks that get in the middle of opponents can be happy, as a new item will arrive for this style of champion. If the item user immobilizes a character, surrounding enemies will take more damage from their companions.

      For mages, items that will help in their survival and in the slaughter of champions who are using shields are in the company’s plans. As for Assassins, there will be an item that reduces the cooldown of their ultimates based on the kills they get on the map. Runes like Glacial Enhancement and Fatal Rhythm will also receive attention from Riot, to help both appear more in the game.

      In the case of Glacial Enhancement, she will receive an increase in the slowness caused on enemies. Fatal Rhythm will further increase the attack speed of lower lane shooters, as Feet Agility and Press To Attack are the shooters’ preferred choices.

      Rewards in goals

  • Image: Playback/Riot Games

    The champion kill rewards are already normal within League of Legends. You take out a player who is very strong, gets a good amount of gold and experience, and makes it back to the game. The news is that Riot intends to add bounty in the wild. When your team is losing and the enemy team’s advantage starts to increase, focusing on objectives like the Dragon and Baron Na’shor will grant your team extra gold.

    All changes should reach the APT (Public Testing Environment, or PBE) in the coming weeks.

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