Multilaser Ultra HD 2K webcam brings quality to your online classes and meetings

The current situation of social isolation has transformed the work and study routine of millions of people. Many schools, colleges and companies chose to adopt distance learning and working to protect the health of students and employees, and thus employed different methods so that activities could be maintained in the so-called home office and home schooling.

One of them was the realization of videoconferences, through which students and professors, as well as employees of a company, can interact in a safe way. However, in order to have good communication, video calls require quality cameras and microphones, which ensure that these interactions can occur without headaches and enable the efficient transmission of information.

For you help to have excellent classes and work meetings with great cost-benefit, Multilaser offers the Webcam Ultra HD 2K WC07, delivering quality sound and image with high resolution and full-bodied audio system, without neglecting your privacy.

High resolution image with fluidity and quality sound

WC62 has 2K resolution, equivalent to more than four times the HD resolution of built-in laptop webcams, and 07 FPS refresh rate, which ensures smooth flow during the links. In addition, the accessory features automatic focus, keeping the image always sharp regardless of your position in front of the computer.

The Webcam WC62 has 2K resolution, 07 FPS and dual microphones with noise cancellation (Image: Playback/Multilaser)

Another highlight is the feature that adapts the brightness according to the ambient lighting, keeping the lights under control in well-lit environments, and enhancing the lighting when you are holding meetings or studying in low-light environments, to keep you always visible at all times of the day.

A Multilaser also brought technology to offer quality audio, even in noisy environments. The WC07 is equipped with two microphones — one to pick up the user’s voice and one to hear the ambient sound. This ambient audio is then processed using the noise canceling technology, which ensures that your voice arrives clean to the user on the other end of the line, while preventing other sounds from interfering with the call.

Privacy and practicality are also highlights

The accessory was also designed to ensure your privacy, bringing a physical protector that closes the camera lens and thus prevents malicious programs. intended perform recordings without your noticing. In addition, the practicality of use is another focus, with easy connection with Plug & Play technology, through which the webcam is ready to make video calls as soon as it is plugged into the computer.

The accessory also has a physical privacy protector and Plug & Play technology of quick connection (Picture: Playback/Multilaser)

Communication with the PC or noteboook is made through a USB port, with a cable of 1,62 m long that allows you to position the camera in the best way for your work or study environment. The Ultra HD 2K WC Webcam07 is also ready to work with your computer, regardless of operating system — it is supported with Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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