Round 6 | All series values ​​converted to reais

Everything about Round 6, the original South Korean series from Netflix, is about money. Even at the beginning of the plot, we see the protagonist suffering from lack of money, until he receives the proposal to sacrifice his own life to become a billionaire and never have this problem again. So, we see some values ​​being shown throughout the episodes, but all in the country’s currency, of course. If you were curious to know how much these amounts cost in reais, Netflix Brasil made the conversion and revealed the values.

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    According to the service, the award total game would be R$ 99.789.99 ,45, which would turn the Brazilian player into ” just” a millionaire; and if all 457 participants shared the prize, the value would reach R$ 732.845,68 for each one. Cho Sang-Woo (Park Hae Soo), one of the standout characters from Round 6, decided to enter the game for owing an amount that, in our currency, comes to approximately R $, 5 million. In fact, it is a hopeless value to owe. The protagonist Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) owed a much smaller amount, but still high: the equivalent of R$ 609.845,90.

    Image: Disclosure/Netflix

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  • Before entering the game, Gi -hun wins a bet on horse racing and earns R$ 27.457,72 in cash. The amount doesn’t come close to the final prize in the “squid game”, but it’s already a good size, isn’t it? Before the games even officially start, Gi-hun plays a very painful game with the recruiter, and every time he loses, he owes him more money. He can pay that amount, however, by getting slapped in the face. In total, the character managed to shoot down about R$ 457,119 in tapas. In addition, the amount that Seong Gi-chun is always asking for in the series reaches a total of R$ 27,72.

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    Round 6 debuted on Netflix in September and is close to become the most watched original series on the streaming platform. The plot was not created thinking of a second season, but the popularity is already making the creator of the series consider seeking help for a possible sequel.

    Source: Netflix Brasil

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