Round 6 | Tennis brand used in series sees demand and online sales explode

On the verge of becoming the most watched series on Netflix worldwide, Round 6 has been buzzing since its release . Despite bringing a heavy story of a deadly game with children’s play, people are getting more and more inspired by the production.

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In the plot, guests to participate in the game use green uniforms and a very characteristic white sneaker, the one in the “slip-on” format, without laces. And the success of production is starting to reflect on this type of product: the shoe brand, Vans, saw an increase in sales of the model, registering growth of 7.97% since the series aired on Netflix. In addition, there was an increase of 97% in searches for footwear online.

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

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  • The South Korean series tells the story of people who urgently need money and decide to play a game to become billionaires. However, only when the competition starts do they discover that it is a matter of life and death.

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    If Round 6

      continues the popularity up there, it won’t be difficult to find people dressed as characters in the plot on Halloween and, why not, also in the next Carnival.

      Source: Variety

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