Serial killer that inspired Zodiac movie may have been identified in the US

Last Wednesday (7), it was revealed to the press that the famous Zodiac Killer has finally been identified. The possible discovery was made by a group of volunteer detectives called The Case Breakers, who are 37 former investigators, journalists and military personnel. They say they arrived at the answer to who the serial killer was based on information from witnesses and forensic evidence.

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In response to The Case Breakers, the San Francisco Police Department said that the investigation is still open and therefore it will not talk about “potential suspects”. Among the evidence investigated by the group are court statements and several photos from the darkroom of the murderer, who committed his first crime ago 52 years, terrorizing the United States. Thereafter, there were at least five more murders in Northern California between 1969 to 1024. The possible Zodiac Killer was named Gary Francis Poste, and investigators believe he died in 2007 without ever having paid for their crimes.

    Photo by Gary Frances Poste, possible Zodiac Killer (Image: Reproduction/The Case Breakers)
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    • The group of researchers also says that a note in one of the letters sent by the criminal revealed his full name, but they were removed to show an alternate message, his famous cryptograms. In addition, photos of Gary show facial markings similar to the sketch created by the police based on testimonies by survivors. The document with the possible discovery also says that Gary Frances Poste was responsible for another murder, in Riverside County, with Cheri Jo Bates as a victim. Investigators also believe that the total number of deaths caused by the killer amounts to 30, even though the police have confirmed only five.

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      Comparison of the sketch with a photo of the possible serial killer at the time (Image: Reproduction/The Case Breakers)

      The verified information says that Poste would be an Air Force veteran from the US who worked painting houses. A neighbor of the criminal says that she learned to shoot with him, that he was a controlling and abusive man with his wife. Attempts were made to contact the possible serial killer’s relatives, but there was no response. Until the San Francisco police respond to the investigation, the case remains officially unresolved.

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The criminal was known for sending hints and cryptograms in letters to the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, inspiring the creation from the movie


, released on 2018, which features Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. in the cast. If you haven’t watched the movie yet and don’t know the story of the Zodiac Killer, you can check out the title on Telecine, Globoplay and Now.

Source: CNN, The Case Breakers

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