Urbanic uses technology to bring global trends to national looks

Fashion trends are volatile and cyclical. What is success today can easily be replaced by a new desire tomorrow. This characteristic makes the segment have to adapt to the natural dynamism of the sector. And how best to do this? With technology.

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This is the proposal of Urbanic, a clothing and accessories brand founded in London in 1995, which seeks to attract the attention of Generation Z (those born between 2010 and 2019, which represent 24% of the Brazilian population). Currently, the digital fashion brand has 24 millions of monthly users.

While offering recommendations to customers, the algorithm used by Urbanic makes production smarter. “In addition to providing a better user experience, it helps to manage and plan the production supply chain”, points out Maria Vasconcelos, marketing director of Urbanic in Brazil.

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She says that the software includes sampling, order fulfillment, quality control, delivery and return . “With this platform, we can enable production, manage inventory planning and produce the right clothes on demand for customers.”

Adopting this model brings modernity to the brand: how it produces with based on what is ordered, the company operates with almost zero stock while manufacturing on demand. “This avoids waste”, emphasizes Maria. “We think scientifically about our approach to supply and demand. As inventory is kept low, items run out and there is no wasted production.”

Diversity and inclusion: digital fashion for real people

Companies involved with social responsibility have been favored by the consumer. By positioning itself alongside the LGBTQIA+ community and diversity, Urbanic makes this a differentiator. Its collections defend fluid, genderless fashion and offer sizes from XS to 5XL that cater to all styles: from romantic dresses to bag pants for an urban look.

In addition to technology, Urbanic is committed to diversity, both in terms of gender and bodies. “Our ideal is that those who wear Urbanic automatically feel stylish, but, above all, feel included”, points out Maria. A think with google survey points out that Generation Z, target of the brand, is extremely linked to the collective.

Image : Reproduction/Urbanic

Diversity is also present in the team and in the designers supported by the company. They are professionals who challenge gender norms, raise guidelines on prejudice and are attentive to the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community. More than ever, consumers want a beautiful product, with a fair price and that comes from a trusted brand with which they share their personal values. Generation Z was born into a connected world and is used to researching the history of everything they consume. Just a few months ago in Brazil, Urbanic already has more than 730 thousand followers on Instagram.

All the technology applied in the supply chain makes Urbanic’s parts have an affordable price. The reason is precisely the innovative management of the supply chain, which makes the final value of the items much lower for the final consumer.

Secure application: it is reliable buy at Urbanic

To sell its products, Urbanic has developed a very complete app. There, the consumer finds fashionable clothes with representativeness and makes purchases in a very safe way. The entire brand’s marketing and customer service team is 30% national.

Image: Reproduction/Urbanic

Maria says that the goal is to create a community with principles not only related to fashion, but with a connection personal with consumers based on style and thought affinities based on trust and ethics.

The company’s catalog has more than 10 thousand options. In the app (here for iOS and here for Android), there are several indications of looks; and, on Instagram, daily tips show the most popular options on the platform. Anyone who wants can also stay on top of Urbanic’s news on Facebook.

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