Any YouTube Live can already have auto-generated subtitles

Last Thursday (7), YouTube announced that all content creators on the platform now have support for automatic subtitles in lives. The feature is still limited to English, but support for more 12 languages ​​(including Portuguese) will be added in the coming months. In addition, multiple audio tracks for audio description and advance in the construction of custom subtitles are also part of the new set.

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Subtitles in live streams are not much different than automatic transcription of videos and even so, they were exclusive to creators with more than 1,000 subscribers. The magnification is a valuable novelty to provide accessibility for people with hearing impairment, as it can be activated in more channels.

Automatic subtitles for live streams are still supported for English only (Image: Playback/Google)

In addition, automatically generated transcripts can be translated in the app. YouTube for mobile. The tool, already present on the PC for some time, is ideal for adapting content to an unknown language and serves as a support to better understand the video.

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Automatic translation Subtitles is a known feature of the YouTube web version (Image: Playback/Google)

Still on subtitles, YouTube says it is still working on the feature of adding custom subtitles. Unlike the function that was removed in 2020, the text created manually would depend on the collaboration of people authorized by the author of the video, not more from the community.

Additional audio tracks

Soon, Google will also allow to include additional audio tracks in the same video, in order to include audio descriptions. The function is essential to give more accessibility to the visually impaired on YouTube, with observations on the presenter’s actions or objects that make up the scene.

All news do not yet have a date to be released — except for automatic subtitles for live streams, which started to be released yesterday (7). Keep an eye out for YouTube app updates on the Play Store and App Store to check out the additions as they arrive.

Source: YouTube

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