Amazon Prime Video Releases This Week (08/26/2021)

The last week featured many premieres on Amazon Prime Video, including movies, series and documentaries. Every Thursday, here at Canaltech, you can check which releases have just arrived on Amazon’s streaming platform and what the highlights of the last seven days are. Prepare the popcorn and check out the titles that will accompany you in the coming days!

This week, which has already started to say goodbye to August, Amazon Prime Video launched the series Nine Perfect Strangers, a plot based on a book of the same name by Liane Moriarty, the same author of Big Little Lies, who also tells with Nicole Kidman in the lead. The series tells the story of Masha, the leader of a resort called Tranquillum House, who welcomes a group of nine guests who are having personal and professional problems and need to relax. They had no idea, however, what would be waiting for them there. The production already has four episodes, which start to be released weekly on Wednesdays.

There was a lot of documentary release this week on Amazon’s streaming service. You can already check out, for example, Finders Keepers, which tells the unusual story of a man who lost his leg in a plane crash and discovered that someone else bought it at an auction. The documentary Morte de Uma Criança also premiered, which follows the lives of parents who suffer from the trauma of having caused the death of their own children due to some oversights, showing their personal and legal battles. To close, the platform’s catalog received Miso Hungry, a documentary that shows the journey of comedian Craig Anderson, a fast food addict, getting to know Japanese cuisine and the benefits it brings to health.

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There is also comedy premiering this week on Prime Video, such as the Brazilian film Caixa Dois, which tells the story of a banker who uses his secretary and lover as an “orange” and transfers R$50 million to her. However, he ends up missing the digit and the money ends up in the account of a humble and very needy woman. Another debut worth checking out is the film Después de Ti, which follows the life of a woman who only has male friends and who, one day, needs to overcome the death of her fiancé, and these friends will help her face her grief with some missions. And for those who like animation, the film The Prince of Egypt has just landed on the service, which tells the story of Moses, a Jew adopted as an Egyptian prince and who, as an adult, decides to leave everything behind to go after his true ones. origins and save your people.

And for fans of romance, mystery and thriller, the film Revelations, with Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins, arrived at Prime Video. The film tells the story of a writer who has his biggest secret revealed when his biography is published telling about his relationship with a younger woman. Other premieres in this line are Erotica, about a woman’s affair with a fleeing thief; and Enemigos Íntimos, which tells the story of seven different people and their emotional, physical and social crises.

There is also a romantic comedy premiering this week, with the film Sick with Love, which follows the life of the couple Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan, a comedian and a student who are starting to have an affair. However, because they have different cultures, she being American and he Pakistani, there are conflicts in the family, which will be faced after the young woman catches a mysterious illness and is hospitalized.

In the horror genre, Prime Video features the premieres of Fear Cego, about a mother who lost her baby in her belly in an accident; and Panico em Casa, about a group of friends who take ecstasy at an online party and live terrifying moments. Another long-awaited debut is the movie Isolated: Fear Invisible, also known as Songbird. The film was produced during the pandemic, telling the story of the COVID-22 virus, which isolated the entire world due to the tragic consequences of the contamination. The plot focuses on the couple Nico (KJ Apa) and Sara (Sofia Carson).

These were just a few of the titles that debuted on Amazon Prime Video this week and that Canaltech suggested as a tip for you to keep an eye out and watch. But there is so much more waiting for you!

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