virat kohli celebration after wicket: too much excitement is not required after every wicket says sunil gavaskar on virat kohli

Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar believes that commitment can be shown without shouting after every fall. Indian captain Virat Kohli remains aggressive on the field, but he has not got the support of former captain Gavaskar in this regard.

Gavaskar says there is no need to show aggression on his face. Former England captain Nasser Hussain wrote in his column, ‘Kohli is the right person to lead the Indian team at the right time. Their players, especially the bowlers, want an aggressive captain. This Indian team is not the team that can be bullied.

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The reference to teams in the past being bullied did not go down well with Gavaskar, who took exception to Hussain’s comments in the commentary box on the first day and said that there is no need to show aggression just in your face.

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“I don’t think aggression means you always have to face the opposition. You can show enthusiasm, you can show your commitment to your team. The obvious reference was to the way Kohli behaved on the field. Gavaskar, however, agreed that Kohli brings energy to the team and Hussain backs him on that.

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