The most watched series in Brazil in September 2021

The arrival of a new streaming in Brazil stirred a lot of public interest last month. Although Star+ was released on the day 30 August, the effects of its release in the country were felt even in September, with several exclusive productions from its catalog appearing among the most watched series in Brazil. With so much new coming in the bag, there was no lack of marathons.

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    It is the case of

    The Walking Dead and

    American Horror Story, two series whose new seasons became exclusive to Star+. This brought a lot of people to the platform and encouraged exploration of new attractions. That’s how

    Only Murders in the Building


    Y: The Last Man quickly fell into popular taste.

    At the same time, September also marked some major Netflix debuts. The service finally brought new episodes of

    La Casa de Papel

    and surprised the world with

    Round 6, his newest global success.

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    It is worth remembering that the list of most watched series in Brazil in September made by


    takes into account the data released by JustWatch, a platform that helps users find what to watch and also where streaming content is available. Thus, from the searches made by the user, we were able to get an idea of ​​which series are leading the interest of the staff.

    So, based on this information, check which series were the most watched in the Brazil in September 2021. Maybe you can’t find something new to marathon, right?

    . X file

    One of the most popular series of all time, X File

    remains firm and strong in Brazilian tastes, so much so that it was once again one of the most watched series in the country — this without any new season coming up. All based on good old-fashioned nostalgia. After all, a classic is timeless and remains great no matter how much you watch it.

    The investigations by the duo Mulder and Scully have populated the imagination of people over the years 456 and 2000 about paranormal and ufological phenomena and are still a reference when the subject is mysteries and secrets. And with all the discussion of alien life coming back to the fore, it’s always a good idea to revisit the series.

    The truth may be out there, but File X

    is on Star+, Now and Oldflix.

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    9. Dragon Ball Z

    Another phenomenon that is constantly driven by nostalgia . Dragon Bal Z

    has almost finished 15 years ago, it was repeated to exhaustion by several stations in Brazil and, even so, continues to be watched with an absurd frequency by Brazilians. No matter how much time passes, Goku’s saga continues to be the true owner of the hearts of the tupiniquin otakus.

    For those who have never watched the anime, the story is quite simple: a group of warriors ultra-powerful fight to protect Earth from alien invasions. With each new saga, some threat appears to try to dominate or destroy the world and Goku and company solve everything based on punch, kick and special powers. The great charm is in the humor that is built around it all thanks to very charismatic characters.

    You can watch

    Dragon Ball Z on Oldflix.

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    8. La Casa de Papel

    The Spanish series has become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to its iconic characters and the agile pace of its plot. And, now,

    La Casa de Papel is on its way to its end. Netflix brought out the first part of the fifth and final season, so it’s time to start saying goodbye to everyone and see how this story ends.

    That means it’s a great one moment both for those who have never watched the series to have their first contact with this universe and for those who are already in love with the characters, to do that goodbye marathon.

    La Casa de Papel

    is an exclusive series from Netflix.

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    7. Round 6

  • Speaking of a worldwide phenomenon, Round 6

    broke all Netflix records in a matter of weeks. So much so that the South Korean series quickly became the most watched content on the platform worldwide. And what is the secret of this success?

    Round 6

    is a mixture of battle royale with deadly games and all that craziness that only oriental stories can give us. The story deals with a strange game that hundreds of people decide to play: a survival game in which they can lose their lives.

    In all, 456 people with debt and big financial problems enter the competition in hopes of solving their problems—or dying in the attempt. Thus, they are taken to an island to participate in children’s games and games, but with deadly consequences.

    Round 6 is an exclusive production of Netflix.

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    6. Cowboy Bebop

    The classic anime of 456 won the Brazilian’s interest thanks to the news about the adaptation in live action from Netflix — mostly from the excellent recreation of the classic opening.

    In the original story, we follow three bounty hunters—Spike, Jet Black, and Faye Valentine—who travel aboard the Bebop spaceship in search of criminals in a future where humanity has begun to colonize space after Earth becomes uninhabitable. From there, we get to know the trio of protagonists better as a new work relates to the past of each one of them. And all of this to the sound of a soundtrack that is still amazing today.

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    Cowboy Bebop

    is available in Crunchyroll and Funimation.

    5. Y: The Last Man

    Following the formula of post-apocalyptic world series, Y: The Last Man

    puts zombies and other deadly threats aside to bet in a slightly different setting. In the story, a virus spreads rapidly across the planet, but it only affects individuals with the Y chromosome — that is, only men are victims of the disease.

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    Thus, only women survive and need to reorganize society. And the plot begins just when we find out that a single man survived and now he will need to deal with this new reality.

    Inspired by a very successful comic, Y: The Last Man

    is exclusive to Star+.

    4. The Walking Dead

    THE th and last season of The Walking Dead

    has finally arrived with Star+, which means fans are marathoning this zombie-ridden, post-apocalyptic world to bid farewell to all characters they’ve learned to love over the past decade. The saga of the survivors is coming to an end and the big question is who will make it alive until the final episode.

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    The last season of

    The Walking Dead is exclusive to Star+. The others can be checked on Netflix, Now and Oi Play.

    3. Only Murders in the Building

    With extremely charismatic characters, Only Murders in the Building is one of the biggest successes of Star+ in its debut in Brazil. Starring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short, the comedy tells the story of three strangers who find themselves involved in a crime in the middle of New York. After the mysterious death of a neighbor, they need to incarnate the detectives and find out what happened.

    The highlight here is the chemistry of the actors, which makes this mixture somewhat unusual Casting works so well that it traps the viewer episode by episode.

    Only Murders in the Building

    is an exclusive series of Star+.

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    two. Ted Lasso

    After all the noise caused during the Emmy 2021, it was obvious that the Brazilian was going to run to watch Ted Lasso

    , the new Apple TV+ exclusive series. The plot tells the story of a former American football player who goes to England to coach a real football team, which was a huge success on the platform and seems to have conquered audiences in Brazil and the world to the point of being an audience record.

    And the recipe for success seems to be simple: instead of following a more pessimistic and cynical line of life, the story brings a more good vibes perspective that turns the protagonist’s journey into a pill of lightness on the viewer’s day.

    Ted Lasso is available on Apple TV+.

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    1. American Horror Story

    But no matter what the phenomenon is, one thing remains unchanged: horror is still the Brazilian’s favorite genre. So, once again, American Horror Story appears in our list of the most watched series in Brazil — even more so with the tenth season being shown weekly on Star+, allowing us to have new scares to follow.

    The good news is, if you’ve never watched any episodes of the show, you can go into the latest season without any weight on your conscience. As it works in an anthology format, you can follow any of the years in isolation and still enjoy the scary atmosphere according to the theme you prefer.

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    In addition to Star+,

    American Horror Story

    is available on Globoplay and Now .

    Source: JustWatch

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