7 Abduction Reports, ET and UFO Sightings You Need to Know

Astronomers have identified thousands of exoplanet candidates, but so far, there is no evidence that life forms exist on any of them. Even so, there is no lack of reports of those who claim to have met, interacted and even been abducted by beings who would have come from civilizations from other worlds.

Although the subject of the search for alien life has been treated by authorities and experts as a joke or something worthy of science fiction, today it is taken with greater seriousness – so much so that the Pentagon has published a report that addresses the reports of aircraft pilots military personnel who found unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Although the pilots’ reports and so many others instigate the popular imagination, it is worth remembering that the acronym “UFO” itself indicates that these objects are something that cannot be identified, that is, they are not necessarily visitors from other worlds — not least because most observations can have simple explanations, like meteors burning in the atmosphere or even drones and balloons.

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But many accounts are not restricted to observations of strange objects in the sky and even include stories of people claiming to have been abducted by beings from other worlds—which, according to a recent study, may simply be the result of lucid dreams. Even with the absence of evidence to support the reports, it is certain that stories involving encounters with beings from another planet are already part of popular culture.

Check below some reports of encounters with ETs, UFO observations, abductions and more:

The reports of George Adamski

Image that Adamski claimed was of a UFO, but analysis by a German scientist showed that it was a simple surgical light and its lamps (Image: Public domain)

George Adamski was born in Poland in 1891 and moved to the United States with his family during his youth. He died in 1965, and even a century after his death, Adamski remains one of the most controversial personalities when it comes to UFOs. That’s because he took several photos of what he claimed were flying saucers (but experts analyzed the material and explained that the images were fake or showed everyday objects), published books about his adventures with beings that would be from other worlds and even won fans of his reports. He claimed that he observed his first UFO in 1946, which he described as a large black object that would look like an airship.

As early as 1952, he claims that he would have met and even communicated with a visitor from Venus. The encounter would have taken place in a California desert, and the extraterrestrial would have come to warn humanity to stop engaging with atomic bombs before they destroy the planet — and, considering the extremes of temperature and pressure on Venus, the report remains even more absurd. Critics of his stories portray him as a, say, “eccentric” but harmless person. Already researchers and even famous authors such as Arthur C. Clarke claim that Adamski did a disservice with his claims.

The Abduction of Travis Walton

Representation of the said abduction of Travis Walton (Image: Public domain)

Anyone who often follows series and documentaries about extraterrestrials should already know a little about the history of Travis Walton, who claims to have been abducted by aliens on November 5, 1975. On that day, he and six other men were working in the Sitgreaves National Forest in the Arizona, United States. Near the time to leave the place, they saw a bright light on the right side of where they were; as they approached, they encountered a glowing flying saucer shape floating about 20 feet above a nearby clearing—and Walton says he decided to go personally to see what it was.

He describes that as he approached the object, he was hit by an electrical discharge from the ship, which took him inside the structure. Walton was missing after the incident, and was found just five days after the incident. The incident gained media attention and gave rise to several discussions – including controversies about the veracity of the story, as Walter and his friends were subjected to polygraph tests that, in addition to not having scientific validity, did not bring conclusive results.

The Antônio Villas-Boas case

The farmer claims that he would have been a guinea pig for experiments during his abduction (Image:Reproduction/UFO Magazine)

Farmer Antônio Villas Boas is the protagonist of one of the main reports of abduction in Brazil, which would have taken place in the city of São Francisco de Sales, in Minas Gerais. On the night of October 5, 1957, he was getting ready for bed and decided to open the window of the bedroom he shared with his brother; at that moment, the two noticed a strong white light in the sky, but paid no attention. Then Villas Boas woke up and realized that the light was still there and approaching them. The days went by, and the brothers went about their normal routines—until, one day, Antônio worked alone on the ground until he realized that the light had returned.

This time, the light hovered a few meters above him, and it would be emitted by an elongated egg-shaped craft. He tried to flee, but beings soon grabbed his arms and legs and carried him inside the ship; according to Antonio, the extraterrestrials connected a tube with suction cups to his chin to collect blood and then he was allegedly taken to a room where a naked alien entered and had sex with him. After the act, Villas Boas was taken out of the ship. There is not much evidence to indicate that all of this happened — but Antonio did show marks on his body and symptoms of exposure to moderate radiation.

The Night of UFOs

(Image: Reproduction / Afternoon Newspaper)

A well-known UFO case in Brazil happened during the night of May 19, 1986 in São José dos Campos, a city in the interior of São Paulo. That night, the city’s control tower detected several colored lights hovering over the region, and the foreign objects were confirmed by radar and by passengers aboard other aircraft nearby. A few hours later, radars in Anápolis, in the state of Goiás, detected unidentified flying objects. Due to possible security threats, armed fighters took off from air bases in Rio de Janeiro and Goiás to investigate the objects.

The aircraft tried to follow them, but were unsuccessful because the objects performed maneuvers with too sudden acceleration and deceleration, and moved at speeds far above those reached by Brazilian aircraft. The episode lasted about three hours and yielded the detection of 21 UFOs. The incident report, signed by Brigadier José Pessoa Cavalcanti Albuquerque, concludes that “the phenomena are solid and reflect, in a certain way, intelligence, by the ability to follow and keep distance from observers as well as in formation, not necessarily manned.”

At the National Archives, it is possible to access the report and audio of dialogues between pilots and operators of the control towers. The event caused great repercussions and became known as “the official night of UFOs in Brazil”.

scare in the sky

(Image: Playback/Netflix)

In 1989, pilot Andrew Danziger was in the cockpit of a flight that took off from Kansas International Airport. Everything went well on the trip, until he reports having observed something completely unexpected: a white disk suddenly appeared in the clouds. At first, Danziger thought it was an illusion or some other phenomenon; the plane began to lose altitude when it looked up from the clouds, where the object was, there was a large red orb that made pilot and co-pilot shiver — which even seemed to accompany the aircraft on its descent.

The two had a few moments of relief after the object appeared to have disappeared in a cloud, but it soon returned to the pilots’ field of vision emitting flashes of light. To top it off, the cloud through which the object descended seemed to disintegrate, as if it were consistent, until it ended up completely broken. After landing, Danziger recorded what he saw in a report — and he wasn’t alone, as several other pilots also made official reports of what they saw. The true nature of the object is unknown, and nothing has been identified by air traffic controllers.

Varginha’s ET

The place where the creature would have been found (Image: Reproduction/IstoÉ)

The Varginha Case — or “Varginha ET”, as it became popularly known — can easily be considered the most well-known UFO incident in Brazil. It all happened in 1996 in Varginha, a city in the south of Minas Gerais. On that day, the sisters Liliane and Valquíria Sílvia, along with Kátia Xavier, were following a path they already knew well, but decided to cut a path through a piece of land. When passing by, Katia would have seen a strange creature, crouching, short and red-eyed, which did not look like any other known animal. She would have screamed and, frightened, the girls ran to call their mother. They claim to have returned a few minutes later, but there was nothing there but a mark on the ground and a strange smell in the air.

The case became famous around the world, yielding all kinds of speculation and, of course, conspiracy theories. According to the Military Police inquiry, the creature seen by the girls was, in fact, Mudinho, a resident of Varginha “who probably has some mental disorder, and whose characteristics could be later evidenced in the photographic simulation study”. According to the authorities’ version, Mudinho would have been hit by heavy rains in the region and would be dirty with clay; then, on the day of the incident, the girls would have seen him crouched by the wall and mistaken him for an alien. On the other hand, this version is disputed by ufologists, who claim that the three knew Mudinho and would never describe him in this way.

Hilary Porter’s (various) abductions

Painting one of the beings reported by Hilary (Image: Reproduction/UNILAD/YouTube)

Hilary Porter served at the Ministry of Defense in England and, although she has an ordinary professional activity, she knows that most people doubt her sanity. It’s just that she claims she was abducted so many times by beings from other worlds that she’s even lost count of how many times these incidents happened. According to her, the first abduction she can remember happened when she was five years old. That day, she was playing in the backyard, until a strange looking alien would have appeared and taken her inside a spaceship. Hilary then claims she was in a room with colored lights and moving figures.

According to her, these meetings took place throughout her life and, after them, she describes that she wakes up with headaches, malaise, scars and bruises on her body – but that said abductions would happen less frequently today. Even so, Porter says he continues to observe strange phenomena in the area around his house, with triangular shapes that appear to float and bright lights. She dismisses the possibility that the UFOs she claims to be observing are military aircraft, insisting that the objects look and sound different from those of aircraft. There is no evidence to support these reports.

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