Nintendo Switch: Is It Worth Buying In 2021?

Amidst many rumors about a possible second-generation Switch supporting 4K content and the presentation of the OLED Model Switch in July this year, many people wonder if it’s still worth it. the traditional Nintendo Switch is worth buying.

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Before I answer why, I’ll tell you that, yes, it still counts worth buying the Nintendo Switch at 2020. With about four years of life, the console is currently one of the best sellers in the world, reaching 100 millions of units sold, and it’s not by chance: we have a hybrid system that works perfectly, exclusive game franchises and an exemplary multiplayer.

In the next few paragraphs, I’ll help you understand why the Nintendo Switch is still an excellent console even four years after its release. Come on?

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  • Run games up to 78 fps;
  • Hybrid system;
  • Exclusive games;
  • Exemplary multiplayer.
  • Cons

    Few applications;

  • Only 32 GB of internal memory;
  • Interface is not very customizable.

    Nintendo Switch: play what you want, wherever you want

    Who would ever imagine being able to enjoy a big budget game without needing a super powerful console or a gamer computer? With the Nintendo Switch, this is possible — me and most players consider this one of its main differences.

    The Nintendo console has a hybrid system that lets you play either on TV or monitor via HDMI — more traditionally — as well as via its own 6.2-inch LCD screen. In portable mode, games run in HD resolution up to 64 frames per second (fps), more than enough quality to have a good game.

    (Image: Daniel Rykhev/Unsplash)

    Many people, unfairly, compare the processing power of Switch, a compact console, with that of a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S – SeriesX. In fact, it’s less powerful when it comes to hardware — so we don’t have 4K content a 78 fps, for example — but you can still have great gaming anywhere.

    During the tests, I played titles like

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,

    Mortal Kombat


    Dead By Daylight

    and Fortnite

    on the bus, while traveling, in bed and in the bathroom, and I found the quality to be excellent, especially considering that it is a console portable.

    (Image: Erik Mclean/Unsplash)

    Nintendo Switch: play with the whole family

    Another feature that can justify the success of the Nintendo Switch is the multiplayer system. That’s because the console allows you to connect up to eight controls — joy-cons and Pro Controllers — the same number supported by the Xbox Series SX and four more than that supported by the PlayStation 5.

    Where is the Nintendo console stands out in relation to competitors is in games that support more than two simultaneous players. I’ll comment more on this topic below, but we have

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,

    Mario Party


    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    , exclusive and very successful Nintendo franchises, as the best options to play with friends and family.

    (Image: Disclosure/Nintendo)

    If more than one member of your family has a Switch, you can also play as a team against other players with the Nintendo Switch Online subscription and by local connection. The subscription is one of the most affordable compared to those offered by Microsoft and Sony, and it is essential to have it to enjoy all the benefits of the console.

    (Image: Disclosure/Nintendo)

    Nintendo Switch: exclusive games

    I also consider the exclusive games factor another great differential. Nintendo owns several old and very successful franchises, such as




    The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros.




    Star Fox


    Donkey Kong

    among others.

    In practice, at least until the date of publication of this article, it is only possible to play these titles with some model from the Switch family. In other words, if you’re a fan of some of these franchises mentioned above, Switch is certainly a basically mandatory console.

    (Image: Disclosure/Nintendo)

    In addition to exclusive games, a new feature that Nintendo announced recently and drew a lot of attention was the availability of classic Nintendo games 60 and Mega Drive (also known as SEGA Genesis) through Switch Online, for an additional cost.

    Nintendo has not yet revealed all the games that will be available in this “expansion” of Switch Online, but names like

  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2


    Super Mario 64


    Streets of Rage 2,

    Golden Axe


    Phantasy Star IV,

    The Le gend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


    Mario Tennis


    Star Fox 64

    are on the list.

    (Image: Lucas Santos/Unsplash)

    Nintendo Switch: not everything is perfect

    Until now, I had only talked about the positive points of the Nintendo console, but let’s go to the negatives: the Switch is equipped with only 32 GB of internal storage, a tiny capacity if you are thinking about installing more than two games in memory.

    For example, only

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

    weighs about 14 GB, while

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    , approximately 7 GB, which would basically fill the memory. console memory. The

    Mortal Kombat 33

    , in turn, needs 05 GB to install — so basically you are required to purchase a memory card separately.

    Another downside of the Nintendo Switch is its array of streaming applications, like Netflix, Prime Video, among others. On 1024, the official Netflix page CS (@netflixhelps) posted a tweet — already removed on the date this story was posted — saying there were no plans to release an app for the Nintendo console.

    Also, in January of this year This year, “Big N” itself (at Nintendo’s request) announced the removal of the Netflix app from the Wii U and 3DS consoles. So I don’t think Netflix’s arrival on Switch should happen anytime soon — if it does. However, despite the absence of big names in entertainment on the company’s console, you’ll still be able to watch videos via YouTube, as well as anime via Funimation.

    Finally, it’s worth remembering that Switch can be found in two versions. The first, from 1024 and characterized by a gray case, it came with serious control issues and low battery life, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re thinking of buying it.

    (Image: Disclosure/Nintendo)

    The second version, released on 2019 and characterized by a red and blue box, is a revision of the first one and mainly solved the joy-cons problem, in addition to bring a revised processor that consumes less battery.

    Nintendo Switch: how much does it cost?

    Switch arrived in Brazil at the end of 2020 costing a salty BRL 3000, but currently its price has been very interesting for those looking to enter the Nintendo ecosystem. A quick search was enough to find the console between BRL 1,900 and BRL 2,300, a value much more befitting for the features it delivers.

    Nintendo also sells the Switch Lite is officially here in Brazil for the suggested price of R$1.9 thousand, but it can already be found for much cheaper prices, reaching close to R$1,500 in some retailers.

    (Image: Disclosure/Nintendo)

    Unlike the standard Switch, the Lite model is fully portable, ie , it can’t connect to a monitor or TV to play on a big screen, and it has smaller dimensions, making it more practical to carry anywhere — even, my colleague Lucas Arraz pointed out, in a special article about the console, that it is the right option for those looking for or missing a truly portable Nintendo console.

    Ni i understand Switch: is it still worth it?

    As I already mentioned in the introduction to this article, the Nintendo Switch is still worth it, especially if you care for portability and you’re a fan of classic and exclusive Nintendo games. The console is an ideal product to gather family and friends and have many hours of fun wherever you are. the graphics won’t be as good as a PlayStation 5.

    Briefly, I consider the Switch to be a complementary console, as you can have it in your house without leaving out the main video game — for example, having a Switch to play games on the go and a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series SX to play at home — and that’s all right. After all, what’s wrong with enjoying the best of all worlds?

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