How to change the organization of tabs in Safari on Mac

Do you often get lost while browsing through various tabs in a web browser? This task usually makes the user lose time and patience. Therefore, Safari (native browser for Macs) allows users to organize simple and efficient ways.

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There are two ways to quickly organize your open tabs in Safari: by title or by website. If you are browsing several different pages, sorting them by title order is the most convenient method; if you are on several pages with the same link, organizing them by site is a good idea.

Although the above suggestions are based on certain browsing parameters, you can freely choose what makes the most sense to organize Safari’s tabs and navigate with a more fluid experience.

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Follow below how to perform this simple procedure in a few steps.

Step 1:

Open Safari on Mac. Then click the right mouse button (second touch of


) and go to “Organize Tabs”.

Click with secondary touch to open Safari tab options – Screenshot: Thiago Furquim (Canaltech)

Step 2:

Choose the way you prefer to order the tabs, by website or by title.

Choose the best way to organize your web browsing – Screenshot: Thiago Fu rquim (Canaltech)

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