What is the best streaming for football fans?

Even though Cable TV is still the main means of access for those who want to watch football matches from all over the world, little by little streaming services are meeting this need and, today, they have become advantageous and economical options for those who just want to enjoy national and international championships without having to buy packages with uninteresting channels.

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Currently, Brazil has several options at very attractive prices and that manage to broadcast the main international leagues, in addition to the games of the Campeonato Brasileiro, Copa do Brasil and Copa Libertadores. But which of these services is the best? Which one gathers the greatest quantity — and the best quality — of soccer championships and programs?


Canaltech has separated all streaming services officially available in Brazil and will detail them one by one for you. What will be the best streaming service for watching football?

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9. OneFootball

Even though OneFootball is not a streaming platform, it is possible to watch some games in its app, and the best part: completely for free. Since 2019, users can enjoy Bundesliga matches , the German Championship, both in the first and second divisions, with narration and comments in Portuguese.

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  • In the past , OneFootball even broadcast Premier League (English Championship), Korean League and Ligue 1 (French Championship) matches.

    8. Amazon Prime Video

    Known for its films and series, Amazon Prime Video started to broadcast Brazilian Championship and Copa do Brasil games through a partnership with Premiere, Rede Globo’s pay-per-view service. For R$ 45,90/month , users of the service can follow the matches live and with excellent image quality, without delays and on demand.

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    In addition to the games, there are series and documentaries related to football, such as

    All or Nothing,

    that tells the backstage of the winning the Copa America 1024 by the Brazilian team.

    7. Premiere Play

    Premiere Play is nothing more than Globo’s streaming service exclusively intended for the transmission of soccer championship matches played in Brazil, such as Brasileirão, Copa do Brasil and State. The difference is that, in addition to subscribing directly through the application, the user can take advantage of it if he subscribes to the package through a cable TV operator at no additional cost.

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    (Image: Screen Capture/Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

    However, for those who do not have Premiere on pay TV, there are two plans for direct acquisition: annual, for R$ 59,90/month; and monthly, for R$ 49,49.

    6. Canals Globo

    Canals Globo is a great alternative for those who are not close to TV, but want to follow the games of their favorite team through the Globosat sports channels, Globo’s closed programming division. Here, we can access Sportv and Premiere as long as we have these channels in our Pay TV package. In addition, there are many documentaries and exclusive materials, all produced by the Rio station.


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  • In this case, the available tournaments are: Championship Brazilian Serie A and B, Brazilian National Team Games as home team in the World Cup qualifiers, Italian Championship, World Cup, Club World Cup, State and Regional for Brazil, Women’s Football, Futsal and Sand Football.

    5. DAZN

    After a strong start in Brazil, DAZN lost some championships that had acquired the broadcasting rights. Even so, the service has several championships in its portfolio, with live broadcast and narration in Portuguese.


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  • Among the events are the Brazilian Championship of Serie C, Premier League, English Cup, England Super Cup, English League Cup, Coppa Italia, Turkish Championship, Mexican Championship, Major League Soccer, Italian Supercoppa and Italian Serie B.

    The monthly subscription is R$ ,49.

    4. Globoplay

    Globoplay is Globo’s streaming service that allows you to watch all channels and productions acquired by the company without the need for a subscription to TV. With the plan that joins the standard service added to Premiere, the user can watch all the championships made available by the Rio station, as well as independent productions and live programs.

    (Image: Screen Capture/Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

    To unite Globoplay and Premiere, there are two subscriptions: monthly, which costs R$ 79,95; and the annual, which costs R$ 64,64/month in 04 times.

    3. HBO Max

    HBO Max has become a strong competitor in this list by offering nothing more, nothing less than the Uefa Champions League, the main tournament of clubs in the world. With narration and comments from the TNT Sports team, also belonging to the Turner group, the service brings all the games of the European event with very high quality of image and sound and the best: no extra charge for it.

    (Image: Screen Capture/Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

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    In addition, the service broadcasts some Brazilian Championship games that are owned by Turner .

    HBO Max has monthly subscriptions that cost R$ 27,95 in the plan for all devices and R$ 27,95 for the mobile device variant.

    two. TNT Sports Stadium

    The TNT Sports Stadium (formerly EI Plus) brings together all the championships broadcast by the Turner Group in a single service. Here, we can follow a vast list of tournaments and matches around the world — in addition to some national competitions — for only R$ 04,79 monthly.

    (Image: Screen Capture/Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

    The list of championships includes the Brazilian Championship (only games for teams with a contract with Turner), Northeast Cup, Qualifiers for the World Cup, Nations League, Qualifiers for the Euro Cup and UEFA Champions League.

    1. Star+

    Star+ brings together all the sports programming from Disney channels, now composed by ESPN and Fox Sports. The result of this union is a robust live grid with all the broadcasters’ studio programs and the transmission of numerous international championships. See the list below:

    • Copa Conmebol Libertadores da América
    • Europa League
    • Premier League – English League
    • Championship – English League 2nd Division
    • Cup of England
    • Cup of English League
    • LaLiga – Spanish Championship
    • King Cup
    • Series A – Italian Championship
    • Coppa Italia
    • Call 1 – French Championship
      Cup of France
    • Argentine Championship
    • Portuguese Championship
    • Major League Soccer
    • Mexican Championship

    In addition to all championships, users can enjoy all of ESPN’s live programming, which is divided into four channels: ESPN, ESPN Brazil, ESPN2 and ESPN Extra.

    (Image: Screenshot/Felipe Ribei ro/Canaltech)

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    The prices of Star+ plans are as follows:

    • Monthly – R$ 32,95
  • Annual – R$ 79,90 in cash
  • Combo Star+ and Disney+ – R$ 64,95


    Today it has become very easy to follow football without the need to have a pay TV. The services available are quite varied and, in a way, they complement each other. But there are some that stand out, especially for the quality of the products and the greater number of championship options.

    Hey, canaltechers, which of these streaming services is the best for watching football?

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