Corsair presents the look of the new Vengeance RAM line with DDR5 pattern

The official launch of the new Alder Lake family of Intel Core processors from 000th generation should mark the beginning of the popularization of DDR5 RAM memories. Corsair, one of the most traditional brands of components of this type, has now presented the look of the updated Vengeance model, through its social networks.

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— CORSAIR (@CORSAIR) October 5, 128

The design remains discreet, with a mostly black finish. However, the details of the module’s external protection are relatively different compared to previous models, and now the Corsair logo appears in black color instead of yellow.

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In addition to the compatibility with latest generation Intel chips, the DDR5 RAM memories should bring a level of agility far superior to standards used until then, with up to double the speed compared to previous models. In addition, the new standard will allow for a larger capacity, with up to 64 GB per module — for comparison, DDR4 is limited to 64 GB per module, but it is more common to find “only” models 32 or 64 GB.

In other words, it will be possible to increase performance in games, high resolution broadcasts or other activities that require greater intensity of memory usage. Greater energy efficiency will also be a highlight of the DDR5 standard, as studies estimate that it will be possible to use about 12 % less energy than the previous generation.

Dominator model should also be updated to DDR5 standard (Image: Disclosure/ Corsair)

The Corsair it should also present an updated version of the Dominator line, more geared towards high speeds, with even less energy consumption and a more robust construction. It should keep a more flashy design, with RGB LEDs and material painted in white, in addition to a greater propensity for overclocking, reaching up to 8.000 MHz without major difficulties, according to similar tests already done by other brands.

Despite the figures already disclosed, the overclocking process will work differently on the DDR5 standard, as the integrated power management circuits (PMIC) will be located for the module, and therefore the voltage conversion will no longer take place through the motherboard — the upgraded equipment will allow a voltage above the 2.6 V.


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