ibrahim hamato table tennis: tokyo paralympics meet ibrahim hamadtou egyptian table tennis player who plays with his mouth

After the Olympics in the capital of Japan, now the Paralympic Games are being held. Divyang players from all over the world are showing their talent here. Challenging physical barriers and putting their talents in front of the world. Some have no hands and some are helpless with their feet, but every time the victory is of vitality. Victorious is the thinking that fills them with confidence.

lost both hands in the accident
Showing you one such picture, in which 48-year-old Ibrahim Alhusseini of Egypt (Egypt) is playing table tennis. When he was 10 years old, he lost both his hands in a train accident. This incident may have snatched his hands, but the courage remains intact. That’s why he caught the table tennis bat in his mouth. Use feet for service.

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nothing is impossible by trying
This photo of Ibrahim, playing his second Paralympics, was clicked when he was taking on Korean player Hong Park. Ibrahim Alhusseini is not the only epitome of inspiration. Like him, every athlete participating in this Olympics is giving a message to the world that no matter what the situation is, nothing is impossible with effort.

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India’s Bhavina Ben in the knockout rounds
Bhavina Benn advanced to the knockout rounds of the women’s singles Class 4 with a 3-1 win over Great Britain’s Megan Shackleton. The 34-year-old from India defeated world No. 9 Shackleton 11-7, 9-11, 17-15, 13-11 in a match that lasted 41 minutes. It was a do or die match for the No 12 Indian in the world.

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